Where Does The Time Go

By on 2-26-2009 in Help & Tutorials, Important Updates

After some of the busiest weeks ever I find myself with some spare time to drop a little blog to you all.


Firstly I meant to mention there was a little glitch with paypal where it used to add postage to an order, only to remove it on the very next page.  I am happy to report that after some more serious issues at the beginning of the week I seem to have resolved the issue.

If you are making a purchase and paypal shows added postage, please let me know at help@gorjussart.com.

Its been a while since I have blogged and Im a little out of practice so I guess its time for a little theme tune..

Daaa adadadadadadadada daaaaaah Mr G’s…comment of the week….. DO DO DO DODA!!

“it’s only cold coz its been in the fridge…”

Daaa adadadadadadadada daaaaaah Mr G’s…comment of the week….. DO DO DO DODA!!

More comments of the week next week.


These have always been tricky for people to master, I plan to rewrite our guide to gift certificates to cover the two posibilities..

1. Purchasing from the shop.

2. Receiving from a friend.

I hope to cover all areas currently causing issues from the invalid code message to the sending a gift to a friend.

I hope to have something up tommorrow night and I would ask that you all have a read and let me know your thoughts..

With all the systems being automated and working very well, I’d like to help people enjoy the instant response from the shop, the only issues we have currently are e-mails being blocked by certain providers.

If you have junk mail folders/filtering, please make sure help@gorjussart.com and sales@gorjussart.com are in your allowed email list.  This causes a lot of issues with missing emails, also comcast and verizon are big problems, they seem to block european emails with out prejudice… this causes us a lot of extra work… if you are with these providers and you are expecting a response from us or gift certificate, please email help@gorjussart.com and please state your with comcast/verizon and I will forward missing mails to you through a live mail account.  This account works with verizon and comcast as far as I can see, its gorjussart@live.com.  Please mail help@gorjussart.com with all queries in the first instance as gorjussart@live.com is not checked as regularily.


Well the last few weekends have been really busy with comments in the blog, this week we want to give something special away…. something worth telling everyone you know about… a prize so impressive you will go weak at the elbows…

So get ready for it, it will run until Saturday evening so please don’t miss out, I and Suzanne will be in the chatroom on Saturday when the competition will close, so it will be a HUGE ALMOST MARCH GIVE-AWAY CHATATHON BONANZA….

Which is a mouthfull….

SO do make sure you join us, and bring a friend!!

  • Since I missed the last chat… family… sheesh… I’m chaining myself to the chat room now! Ok, maybe tomorrow night after dinner. LOL

    Oh, speaking of email… Apparently, email doesn’t work so well when your inbox is full. Hmmm… I don’t know what my ISP was thinking giving me a limit… I have Gorjuss mail, you’re not supposed to put a limit on that…

    Thank you for all you do! I look forward to reviewing the new guides.

    Have a pleasant night!

  • wondering abit where the chatroom is…

  • Will be there 😉

  • maria therese, you need to apply to join the Just Gorjuss (offcial Group) .. here: http://www.gorjuss.co.uk/forum and once approved, you will be able to log into the chatroom here: http://www.gorjuss.co.uk/chat .. the chatroom requires you to use your JG log in detail to enter ! 🙂

  • Vikki

    Looking forward to the chat tommorow night 🙂