Are Your Ready For New Tubes??

By on 9-08-2009 in New Release, Sig Tag Stuff

Well after I realised this morning that I have another tattoo appt tomorrow, which will put my arm out of commission for the next few days, I’ve spent ALL day tubing these up super fast for you all..  we’re just double checking and wiring them up into the shop for you all so…

anyone want a new tube pack?

Thats right 9pm TONIGHT.. you can check the clock here on the blog to see how far away that is ( it shows our time!) ..  so.. are you ready for a new pack?


- Suzanne x

  • lorna

    Cant wait….yay xxx

  • pip

    whew, i was at Brownies and thought i’d missed them lol , citin init !!!

  • Woww!!! I can’t wait to play with them!!! Hugs and kisses Suzanne, thank you!!!

  • Kim


  • I can not wait to play!!! I have been a PSP fiend these last few days 🙂