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I’ve been working hard on ‘improving’ my hands recently, to go from drawing & painting EVERY day, to months of ‘not’.. has really taken it’s toll, I’m trying to get more fine control over them, so I’ve taken up playing with Embroidery!  It’s something I can do in my awkward position ouch! , and I’m getting great results ! YAY!

I’m releasing these two embroidered pieces tonight, something new, but I hope you all like them !  Hopefully, I will release a few more of these in the future too!

I dont say it enough but, I really love ALL the gorjuss fans, you really are all very special, and without your support I dont think I would have managed to get through this! XOXO   Unfortunately Im not over the worst yet, ouch! so please bare with us, we are going thru a seriously bad time eek! , healthwise, and I’m trying to get as much Art, in as much way to YOU as possible  !

Find them BOTH, in our shop now ! YAY!

Now, who wants to know who WON the stunning Necklace from GeniusJewels this weekend??!

I’ve consulted with The Random Robot and it picked comment number: 7

Which was:

Congrats Elaine, contact us, (gorjuss[at]] and we’ll pass it on to GeniusJewels for you! Let us know when it arrives with you, or share a pic with you wearing it, we’d all love to see ( and be jealous!)

There were 17 Retweets, and Random Robot picked number: 5 !! Which was ReTweet 5, by:

Congrats PurplePaool !!! Drop us an email ( gorjuss {at} to arrange getting your Gorjuss Gift Certificate !

Hope you all had fun trying to win the Guest Giveaway, a HUGE thank you to GeniusJewels for donating such a lovely Prize this weekend! YAY! Remember we have Giveaways EVERY weekend, so bookmark us for future reading, all it takes is a comment ( or a Re-Tweet!)

Thanks for reading !


  1. Suzanne, those two embroidery pieces are so sweet! I love how you even got stripey stockings on the little Gorjuss gal!! LOL

  2. Congrats to the winner!! Your Embroidery is beautiful !! I embroider myself and have since I was a child. You have done a marvolous job on it !! Hope you are feeling better. I know what it is like not to feel well for a long time. Many prayer to you and blessings !!

  3. Ohhh those little embroideries are so gorgeous! People like you and a couple of other people I know put me to shame. You manage to create such gorgeous things even in pain and here's me getting more and more backlogged! Slapped wrists and off I go 😀 Thanks for the much needed kick up the bum (even if you didn't realise you were giving it *g*)

  4. Aww Thank You !!

  5. Aww, thanks very much !

  6. oh ! lets call it 'inspiring you' hee hee !

  7. Suzanne what an inspiration you are, with everything that you have been through here you are continuously creating new and beautiful things. I love these cute little embroidery's. Thank you so much for sharing your talents with us.

  8. I'm so excited I won woohoo!

    I'm glad you find stitching helps, I do cross stitch and have heard people say that they find it helps if they have problems with their hands as well as being relaxing and stress relieving.

  9. Oh wow Suzanne, those embroideries are sooooo cute!

  10. Beautiful work…I dabble in a little embroidery but its nothing like that sheesh. Keep up the good work!

    shared collection.I liked all the dresses.All are just too good.I was looking
    for same kind of stuff for so long and got here on your blog.Well man you did
    a great job by sharing this with us.Keep sharing as always.


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