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Hello Everyone, Welcome to a bumper blog edition… we’ve got some great news in this one,  so do be patient while the pictures load, they are worth it ! (remember you can click the pictures to view them larger too!)  This brings us to our first bit of news for you today, and this is our NEW manufacturers, lets meet them and see what gorjuss lovelies they will be making for you shall we?


Pictura is Scandinavia’s largest distributor of Greeting Cards & Postcards for retail stores.  Pictura was founded in 1969 by Erik Arpi.   Today Pictura is situated in six countries through sister companies in the Pictura group and further in seven countries throuhg partly owned companies. Besides this there is a distribution of Pictura´s products in many more countries.

We are very proud to announce that Pictura SARL will be distributing these beautiful gorjuss postcards throughour France, launching later this week,  take a peek at them below:

Contact Details For

Pictura SARL – France

Pictura Sarl
18 Boulevard de la République
Telephone: +33 1 30 396680



The wonderful guys over at Crafthouse Press have been super busy, not only are the running around trying to keep you guys with enough decoupage sheets & Box cards kits, they have produced another product for you crafty folk, these are Pyramid Sheets, I have to admit I have no idea how to use them but I’ve been told by some crafty friends that they are super easy to use, and they give a GREAT effect on your crafty creations, perfect for Cards or Scrapbook Layouts, you name it, it will fit,  you can grab these at your local or favourite Craft shop, they should be getting stock in soon if they havent already ( or why not email and let them know you WANT them !!)


As a special launch giveaway, the lovely Craft Shop:


No, its not a Vampire obsessed Craft Store, Cullen is a place, in Northern Scotland !

Are Sponsoring a special Craft giveaway ! They are giving away FOUR of these great new packs ( so there will be FOUR winners!) .. all you have to do is visit Cullen Crafts and come back here,  tell us what you’d love to add to your craft stash ( please leave us a link to it too, so we know you’ve been! – Just copy and paste the www.cullen-crafts bit of the page you love!!)  !

If they are not in stock by the time you win, they will get them to you as soon as possible, the winners will be chosen by Random, we’ll accept only one entry per person please, and this contest will end NEXT Thursday, 15th July, at around 6pm, Good Luck !


We had a lovely visit from gorjuss fan Pip yesterday,  she always cheers me up, she’s been so kind to us !!  She spotted some hidden gems while she was here, this is Air Born, she couldnt resist this one, so it was framed and went home with her !!!

She really is super cute with her flying hat on and a little propellor driven airplane flying overhead, when we flicked this page open in Suzanne’s sketch book, it was clear she wanted to fly home with Pip !!


While looking at Air Born with Pip, she pointed out another little miss, show she wanted us to show to the World! So here she is, Poppet, she comes ready matted & Framed, in these beautiful dark wood frames.

She is on sale in our GorjussArt shop now, and if you keep reading, you will find a special offer is on NOW YAY! on ALL our Originals ! WOW!


Runs from 7th July until midnight 11th July (GMT or GBT[“gorjuss blog time”])

Well thats a bumper blog edition today, RAWR and I need to let you know about our Summer Sale, we have a few original ink drawings for sale in our gorjuss art shop, all looking for a good home to go to, so we decided that as we are framing up some of the ink drawings we would give you all a chance to pick up a bargain to complete, extend or start your collection of gorjuss originals.

Click Here to see our Original Artworks!

Suzanne’s pen work is absolutely beautiful and will be the talking point of what ever room you choose to hang them in, pick the right frame and suddenly you have an amazing focal point. We do have frames at the moment, and though shipping is c0nsiderably cheaper for the drawing on their own, we still want to offer some lil framed beauties.  We also have a little stunning Trinket box that Suzy has let me sell, we will get this listed before the sale ends, and of course we will get photo’s up for you to see it. WOW!

We thought we’d leave you with a lovely shot we took of the Sun yesterday, it’s lovely Summer weather here in Scotland & we’re enjoying to the best we can ( I still cant move GRR ) but it’s nice to have lighter evenings, and see some Sun !

Hope you enjoyed all these new gorjuss items, please leave a comment, we love to hear what you’ve got to say !

  • Stephanie Fizer

    so lovely! and have i mentioned how in love with that stripey teacup????? possibly one of the cutest things ever!

  • Celine

    Beautiful originals as always, but here I'm in love with the postcard, I already imagine myself sending them to my very BFF who is living so far away from me.
    Where can we get those? Only in stores in the UK or maybe on the internet…

  • Alyson McKay

    I'm desparate to nab the Rockstar stack paper pack

  • JenMiller?

    i totally love the decoupage kits – i'm wondering if i could use that on an iphone case? not sure if it would adhere to that or not, or if that's even possible, BUT i love them anyway. and for the cullen crafts store – i love this ribbon:

    i LOVE ribbon, even if i don't have anything to put it on. LOL! :)

    ps. poppet is super cute!

  • Rachael

    The postcards are great!

    I love this ribbon…

  • Blackangel

    Wow, lots going on then!

    I want one of these purses… they are sooooooooooo cute!!!! not quite craft stash, but i could keep my craft fund in it ;D

  • Ejg22001

    I love the Gorjuss decoupage… but also the pink stripey fairies… and also the paper pack

  • Kitty

    Nice selection of handmade papers:

  • Deenie

    Poppet is indeed a dear wee thing, but I have to say Air Born drew the “awwww” from me this morning ;) Great work, Suzanne! Wishing you the best and God Bless :)

  • Strummersmissus

    Wowee so may great things in the blog today!

    Air Born is such a cutie!

    When i lived in Scotland i lived not far from Cullen :) Cullen Skink and Cullen ice-cream oh yum!

    Off to have a peek in the online store :)

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  • Pip

    i would need these

    cos i've already filled 2 scrapbooks with gorjuss prints !!

  • Em

    Love these I'm going through a phase of doing monochrome cards at the mo.

  • gorjuss

    As far as I know, the postcads are being launched in France, so you will find them in selected retail shops there, I am not sure if they will be distributed further than France, but if I findout, I will let everyone know !

  • gorjuss

    You would have to glue it on, I wouldn't recomend that as you wouldnt be able to remove the glue!!! We do have gorjuss Iphone sins, that are proper thick skins, that will protect your phone form scratches AND it can be removed in the future, without leaving any residue ! Check out : to find them !

  • Drupal web developers

    The postcards are great!I love it lot.