Merry Monday

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Good Monday to you all,

You’ll need to scuse me someone spiked my uploaded pint.. cheers guys.. hic..

BOY have I got some treats for you tonight….

Honey, Have you seen my wallet?

I have to confess to having had the WORST monday ever, I took Suzanne to the Chiropractor and she came out feeling a million dollars….. she feels great today.. We got home and I started the orders……. I then tried to order paper and inks for the printer. Could I find my wallet? It wasnt in the fridge, or the bin… not in the loo nor on the printer… I knew I had it at the Chiropractors… did I leave it… So I phoned them… they hadnt seen it. So I jumped in the car and drove up to retrace my steps, the Petrol light came on… I had no cash, no petrol and no sign of my wallet, I pull into the Chiropractors Car Park to find it locked up for lunch, I didnt have enough fuel to go home and back to them again… so I resolved myself to phoning the banks and cancelling my cards. Telling the Supplier I couldnt pay for the paper or ink…. what a nightmare, So I walked into the room where the printer is, while phoning the supplier… I rest my hand on the high unit..and find my wallet… I must have struck the same pose I had when I entered the room. WHY did I put my wallet up there??


Due to slow progress I have decided to put every 25th comment through to the final, I shall list off all those going through…. so far.

1. Sez , 2. Lauren Grant… with 6, 8 and 11 posts required for the next place in the draw… could you be no 3 to go through… and of course 25 comments in this post will also get you through… So come on, win a Suzanne Woolcott Original Painting for FREE….

TONIGHTS NEW THEME: Most Absent Minded Story?


I have shared this painting with you in a previous post, now it has reached completion… so here it is…. without any further ado… Suzanne Woolcott’s latest painting… from 2008, May the 12th, 1700 hours……………………..”Night Garden”

night Garden

You may notice some pencil texture in this, and you would not be wrong, this is a real mixed medium painting using her Paint Pens and Prisma Colour pencils. It gives it a real warm feeling for such a blue picture… I love this one and I think you will all love it too.

This painting will be on sale on Etsy for $100 this weekend coming..


Today Suzanne developed her Bottle Openers and Fridge Magnets, they are now available on Etsy.. So if you want some of these stunning little new items….

gorjuss magnets!

Click Here for Bottle Openers, Click Here for Fridge Magnets



Tonight I answer a question on all of your minds….. how did they do that?

On tonight how did they do that? I will answer the age old question of HOW DID THEY MAKE BUTTONS?? For all of those UK readers… where it says buttons add badges after it… Now we can continue..

Any of Suzannes pictures can be made into buttons or keychains… some work better than others so always ask first..

Step 1. We print a sheet of glossy images 25mm x 25mm

Buttons 1

STEP 2: We cut a circle out around the image…

Buttons 2 Buttons 3


Step 3: We put it through the badge making machine… operated by the gorjuss assistant…Mr G

Buttons 4Buttons 5Buttons 6Buttons 7

Buttons 8

STEP 4: We have a badge/button/whatever…!

Buttons 9

Buttons 10

The final stages involved packaging and stapling… not terrible exciting… which basically means I didnt take pictures of It…. I promise to try harder….

Thats all from this episode of “How Do They Do That”.


Well good night, I really hope that tommorrow I can put more people through to the final draw… So get commenting…


Good night and Be well..



  • Lorna

    Well mr woolcott definitly not your day huh?..Suzanne love the painting hun its beautiful..Glad your feeling alot better.Hows grumpy kismet?…I have had a long day today.Hope your weekend was good.hows weather in glasgow? its not so nice here now 🙁


    lorna xxx

  • Kay

    I am so sorry to hear about your rotten day. I hope it wasn’t the virtual pint. . . nothing is safe these days, especially uploaded beverages.

    Great news that Suzanne is feeling better–yea! We are all sending good vibes for speedy recovery through our internet connections.

    The new painting is gorgeous–I think it’s my favorite. I couldn’t decide before so didn’t note a favorite yet on the “Flattery” post. I am waiting to comment on that post so I don’t get a detention for consecutive posts.

  • Beth

    Ohhhhhh…..I love the new painting! It’s fantabulous!!!

    Grant, I promise I didn’t spike your pint! I’m a good Catholic girl, I swear. : )

    So glad to hear Suzanne is feeling so good today…but bummed to hear of your wallet and petrol troubles. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

    XOXO Beth

  • Thanks for the comments guys…… Im glad people are actually enjoying my rantings… its like free therapy.. LOL…

    Should have some gorjuss pictures tommorrow… got a lot to get out..

  • Oh I love the new painting! And the pin making demo is awesome.
    So many fun things you get to play with there!

  • Beth

    Was there a theme for tonight? Absentmindedness? Did I forget?


  • Beth one thing to say ….


    pick up a carboard ticket….to detention!!


    *shakes head*

  • Kay

    Ah, glad it wasn’t me that got the detention! I think no one wants to tell their absentminded stories. . . or maybe we have chosen to forget them, hmmm?

  • Kim

    I’ll tell mine. This is really bad. One year on my daughters birthday I forgot to tell her “Happy Birthday” before she went off to school. It believe it was her 14th birthday. Well I felt awful about it. What kind of mother forgets to tell her daughter happy birthday the minute they wake up. Anyway, I call her school and made them call her to the phone so that I could tell her. I was almost in tears. Anyway it didn’t really even phase

  • well on top of my wallet today, I tottally forgot tooth fairy duties last night for our youngest… he wasnt upset but confused as to why the tooth fairy hadnt been..

    I told him they went on strike over a dispute on holiday leave…. phew…

    Good news. the dispute is over now, and they are back to work….

  • Robyn(robynhearts)

    too funny you all 🙂 beautiful new painting and I’m so glad you are feeling better Suzanne 🙂
    Absent minded …duh ….who me …nooooo, but my DH Jack is a lil on the “over-worked with too many things to remember side” lol !!!!! we try to follow each other around a little to keep things in place. and nooooo I am not in my 60’s or more, just too busy to remember 🙂 that sounded good to meeee. I just have too much on my teeny lil mind 🙂 back later with a story ….have to make sure he doesn’t mind, but it was toooooo funny ~ Robyn ( I think I need a beer:) )

  • peamissy

    Oh gosh! The tooth fairy has TWICE been unable to stop by our home! One time it was “probably” because it was stormy all night. The other? Still a mystery. But one story I have to tell is that when my now husband phoned to ask me out on a date and then I asked him if he had been by my place before, he said “Of course I have!”. According to him we went to dinner and a movie years before that while working together (higschool kids) that I just don’t recall! Glad you found your wallet! The new painting is wonderful!

  • BelovedAimee

    The countless times I have spent an hour making a painstakingly detailed list for the store and then left home without it…I’m famous for that!!

  • Beth

    Oooooh detention! My first! ; ^ )

    I have three little boys and am absentminded ALL the time…so I have too many stories I could share, lol!

    ‘Night all!

    XO Beth

  • Kim

    Well there’s always the “Where are my glasses” only to find them on the top of my head. I’m sure everyone has done that…lol.

  • Christina

    Wow, I have a list of absentminded moments so yours made me giggle. I am there with you!

    My worst was locking my 4 month old in the house… it was so stupid! I had put him in the house right out of the car (still inside his car seat). I put my keys down and then shut the door behind me so the breeze wouldn’t bother him and I could get my other two little ones out of the car. Somehow the door locked, I don’t know why I even left the keys in the house but yep, I did. I had to carry my other two kids (toddlers) to the neighbors house and call hubby who had to leave work to bring me a house key. Nice I know… it took a while but thankfully the baby did well during it all, he was safe after all. What a pain.

    The new painting is beautiful by the way! I’m also glad to see how you make the buttons, that was cool.

  • lee

    OMG this is hard, if you said a dream or night mare l would have lots to say.

    This one relates to my mum, she did it…lol.

    For 18 Years, my name was spelled Lee-Anne.

    But just before l married at 18 l went and got a copy of my birth Cert. from Births and deaths in Melbourne Australia.

    And on it my name was ‘Leeanne’ my mum had forgtten what she wrote down and mis spelled my name for almost 18yrs….lol

    I went back to Leeanne as l always hated stopping in the middle of my name.

    l am 51 now…………

    I still cant beleive she did that…lol

  • lee

    BTW Suzanne l love the new drawing “Night Garden” the colors and design are amazing.

    Hugs lee

  • lovely drawings suzan

  • Beth

    I can’t ever keep my boys’ names straight. They’re always being called by a different brother’s name…and sometimes the cat…


    ha-ha! I call the cat by my son’s name ALL THE TIME! (not surprising, they DO have a lot in common. . .just kidding, lol!)

    And the tooth fairy once had other engagements and can’t stop by on the night the tooth was actually lost.

    What is the answer to the question “what does the tooth fairy do with all those teeth?” I said she must be using them to build a tiny castle. . .

    Oh, yeah, one major brain lapse– I double posted (triple actually) last night. But apparently I’m not the only one. HI, LEE(NO HYPHEN)ANNE! WELCOME TO DOUBLE POSTERS DETENTION HALL!

  • Beth

    Speaking of the tooth fairy…she gave me an IOU once. Hmph.

  • Kya

    Well, for years I thought I was the most absent-minded person in the world. Always losing stuff. Could never find things where I was sure I had left them. Turns out, I wasn’t absent-minded. My mother was actually hiding my stuff. On purpose to make me think I was losing stuff. No joke. How messed up is that???

  • Christina

    Trying to help someone else get into the drawing (although thinking about it that may be a stupid huh?) lol.

  • Kya

    Crazy thing is she still does it. I’m 32 years old.

  • Beth

    Thanks Christina! : D

  • Kya

    Yeah, thanks! 🙂

  • Ok coming out of lurking to say thank you for sharing photos of how you two gets things done. 🙂

  • sez

    i forgot what the theme for this one is :S *scrolls back up*

    oooh absent minded stories *blush*

    ok one time my ex used to play railway tycoon a lot, and we were sat downstairs and i decided this one time he was playing it i would pay attention, about 10 mins in the game flashes up saying “Jessie James has robbed your train”
    now me being the helpful soul i am lol piped up he should replace the train because someone just robbed it…. he sat looking at me as if i was jokin before cracking up then finally telling me it meant someone had robbed the people on the train