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By on 8-24-2010 in Exhibitions & Events

Oh My ! 8 Everyones Kindness & Comments have astounded us.  I am amazed at just how many of you have left a message of care for us, it has touched my heart.  Grants message to you all, was sent from his heart, he didnt want to moan or beg you buy from us, but simply tell you what it is like, in his shoes, on a typical day.  He is dealing with so much right now, and on top of it, he has to care for me, which he does with a smile on his face every day ( and even when I wake him up in the middle of the night   eek! !!)  But I’m sure he will send a message to you all himself, as he can say so much with his words that I cant, so I’ll get straight to business shall I? ;

We have something special to bring you today ! Here is a special preview of the amazing exhibition that opens this weekend, remember all pieces are for sale, and are looking for a very special home YES

There are 6 ink drawings in the series, luckily I was working on these before I got really reeeally bad,  and I’ve titled this series of original drawings:

“I’m Looking For My Dark Cloud” 7 1/2″ x 11″ Framed Black Ink & Pink Watercolour On Paper. $250 – AVAILABLE

“Hunted By The Night” 8 1/2″ x 6 1/2″” Framed Black Ink & Pink Watercolour On Paper. $200 – AVAILABLE

“The Library” 5″ x 7″ Framed. Ink On Paper. – SOLD.

“Between The Lines” 8″ x 11″ Framed. Ink & Pink Watercolor On Paper. $250 -AVAILABLE.

“This Is My Star Sign” 5″ x 7″ Framed. Ink & Pink Watercolour On Paper. – SOLD

“The Portrait” 7 1/2″ x 9 1/4″ Framed. Ink & Pink Watercolour On Paper. $200  – AVAILABLE

Gosh!! :p  we’re so excited about these pretties OH! , and this GREAT event, that will have a very exciting opening night THIS Saturday night (28th Aug) YES YAY!  …it’s well worth making a trip if you you are near, there will be food & drink on hand, and lots of lovely art-iness to keep your eyes happy !!!   Bigger pictures of these original Ink drawings can be viewed at <–THEY CAN ALSO BE BOUGHT BY SENDING THEM AN EMAIL TO OR phoning them on: 310.704.1245 (remember this is a US number!)  First come first served, so send that email NOW to make sure you get the piece you LOVE mostest !

Hope you enjoy peeking at these new releases, and thank you again for your love & support!

  • how beautiful suzanne.Keeping you all in my thoughts xxx

  • I love all the new girls Suzanne, my favourites:
    Hunted by the Night
    The Library
    This is My Star Sign
    and all the rest came in very close running too! 😉

    Will these ladies be added to the line (prints, mirrors, bags etc) or are the only available for the exhibit? I'd love to see what you'd do with these in colour!

    Hopefully all of our prayers and good thoughts are making their way to you, I'll be sending a new batch daily so keep a look out for them! 🙂
    You both remain in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day.
    Your faithful fan,

  • Scrappie12

    You are amazing Suzanne….and thanks for sharing pieces of yourself with all of us. I send all the warm wishes and good thoughts I can your way:)
    And this new collection is lovely….But I just can't figure out how to purchase on their website 🙁 HELP!!

  • gorjuss

    Aww thanks !!! You need to contact them to grab a piece, this is js to make sure a piece doesnt sell on the web at the same time as in the gallery, you can send them and email here: or phone them on: 310.704.1245 – thanks again for the interest, hope you get something you love!

  • Elaine

    Suzanne, don't be surprised at people's reaction to Grant's post, for me personally and I suspect may others, because you have a blog and the JG group we feel we know you although we've never met. It'd one of the best things about the internet, contact with people you would never get to know otherwise. I felt humbled that Grant was able to leave his comments and tell us all about what was going on with you all there. You know you have whatever support we can all give. sadly I'm unable to buy any of the pictures on offer but I'm sure they'll soon sell.

    My best wishes to you.


  • GrantWoolcott

    We are working on putting together some of the newer older works and finishing some long running works in progress. Once we get them print ready I can put them on the different products we sell. It will take some time and we have to upgrade the shop server over to a faster one, this is proving very tricky and may need me to close the shop for a day while I move files.
    Its a tricky process… so I may leave it until I have a lot of time spare to do it carefully.

    Thanks for all the orders and support and well wishes… it has made this difficult week that little bit more hopeful and easier. I am speaking to our Minister of Parliment on Friday to see what help our government can offer… even if its just cutting through red tape. I also have meetings on Thursday to arrange care and some support.

    Next week we have two visits to the house to discuss support that we need, sadly we are still waiting for the people who provide it to come and see us. We are in the queue.

    So though things are tough I am slowly making progress, though it is all taking up time that Suzanne needs from me.

    Thank you, you wonderful people!

  • lee

    Awesome work Suzanne, l hope some will become tubes for tagging hint* hint* l specially adore that last one

    Glad to see you writting in the blog sweetie

    BTW l put a link to the blog for messages to you on my blog midnightmusic

    Big Hugs my friends

    lee xxxxoooo

  • Robyn

    they are all truly beautiful Suzanne! i just know once the weekend arrives and the exhibition opens there will be SOLD SOLD SOLD signs up real fast! 🙂
    am excited tonight because i finally bit the bullet and purchased some Gorjuss stamps which i've been drooling over since i first ever saw them … my birthday is in September and they should arrive downunder just in time 🙂
    i was looking round lots of wonderful blogs showing off what they'd made using Suzanne's stamps – so inspiring! your girls are so versatile for stamping 🙂

  • gorjuss

    TWO of the pieces are now SOLD ! YAY

  • Thinking of you, Suzy; was moved to tears after reading Mr.G's posting. Praying and sending good thoughts your way. ~Cyn ?

  • Unusual Magic

    the work is beautiful.
    Sending you all good wishes!

  • Very cute designs..The frames are also looking marvelous. Thanks for sharing such a cute piece.They are really very good.

  • Good designs, Amazing collection.

  •  Nice collection and designs are so good.

  • Kelleie

    These are absolutly georjuss!!! I love haunted by the night. thanks so much for sharing these with us. What  lot of people dont relize is there is a real person behind these works of art not just a name you slapped on something. We love love love your work just wanted you to know!!! Our thoughts and prayers for a fast recovery and hugs to you all.

  • Aurore_london

     hi ! je suis française et j’adore tes dessins je suis tombée par hasard sur tes création et j’en suis tombée amoureuse

    bonne continuation pour la suite 😉


  • Very beautiful piece.Thanks for sharing

  • Anonymous

    I felt humbled that Grant was able to leave his comments and tell us all about what was going on with you all there.

  • Adammarleymtts

    The frames are also looking marvelous.

  • Wow, what a great piece of collection! They are very beautiful handmade drawings. Congratulations to you!

  • This looks really great, and it’s nearby.
    If I couldn’t go, I would give it to one of my co-workers. Thanks.