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By on 5-25-2008 in New Paintings, Ramblings

Good evening and I have to tell you that something unbeleivable has happened,



wanted for sure

Thanks go to Leah for passing this information to me, its really hard to beleive that this could happen, but Kismet has ganged up with a known US grumpy cat called Rocky. Together they are spreading cat misery throughout the world. PLEASE if you have a cat, keep them locked in, give them a big squeeze and a cat treat, buy them new toys…. keep them happy… This Epidemic could spell the end of happy cats everywhere…. Rewards have not been offered for information leading to the capture of either of these grumpy cats…. but it is stressed to keep clear of them, do not under any circumstances let your cat into the company of these moggies..


Suzanne now fully recovered from the Eurovision song “contest”, has been enjoying a day of painting and sketching and generally being comfortable. Yup I stopped cracking the whip and gave her a rare day of rest. What did I do?? Well I can tell you I did not advance my level in Guitar Hero… man that game is addictive.. Instead I finished compiling the winners from the just Gorjuss birthday celebrations… now with the bank holiday on Monday these wont ship until Tuesday…

When I finnished pretending to be busy, I look at Suzanne and find some interesting news….


I couldn’t believe it, she had pulled another one out of the bag, i think thats us 3 away from the new AMI pack.. so thats great news… well without any further ado… here it is..

The Traveller

This one was titled “The Traveller” and is another nature related painting. I hear you ask will that snail glow in the dark like the yellow ones in my garden. The answer is simply…….. I don’t know… Will be available as a print on ETSY soon.


Well that was a nice surprise that we are indeed closer to the new pack… hold on a minute… I can see something… HEY SUZY whats this ????


What!!! Yes it is…. its another painting for the AMI pack…. titled “Piracy”. Well now, by my poor calculations that makes it 2 more painting to go… until Amanda at AMI needs to take a lot of coffee.. Amanda this should give you enough warning to get the coffee on.

Suzanne as always loves to hear your thoughts on her newest creations… please leave a comment.



Well after cleaning up the computers today, deleting old files and folders I stumbled accross some interesting photos. Now I don’t know if theyre already up in the blog somewhere, but I plan to re post them tonight. In a few blogs back I shared a photo graph of a sketch, now I can show you all the creation of it…


It’s always good to get a photo of the famous hand as it makes its way accross the sketch pad… and here is one of Suzanne finnishing one of her first paintings.


No prizes, but does anyone recognise the painting??

I’ll keep my eye out for other little gems of snap shots from the past, and of course I’ll share them with you all.


Suzanne has also finnished a scrap kit for all you taggers out there, It will be distributed through AMI and we hope to run a competition to win 3 of these kits in the blog in the coming week. So keep checking back so that you dont miss it. Here’s a little sneeky peek at it…

Scrap Kit

As you can see its designed to match the fairy pack to help you make your tags even more Gorjuss than before… if thats possible. No release date as yet from AMI but it will be soon, keep your ears to the keyboard.

So a busier blog tonight…. I shall return….


  • maddy/karen

    looks like the semi finished painting suzanne can be seen working on is: the wall beside the lilies….
    2 away ladies…….

  • lorna

    Well hellloooooooo guys what took you sooooo long ive been clickin refresh all day LOL suzanne wonderful work as usual sweetie cant wait for next pack.And i will be nipping over to ami for the newbie scrapkit it looks fab

    big hugs and goodnight xxx

    lorna xxxx

  • Sheri

    Hi Suzanne you ever thought about maybe adding some more doggies to your girls and boys?
    I’d love to see a Bloodhound or a Bulldog added to your artistic creations pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!
    I can help you name your pound puppies lol!!! Hey there you go call them your pound puppy creations….I bet you could make a wonderful Bloodhound and that would leave so many neat creatable ideas for us taggers that ol’ bloodhound traveling and searching around the world with your lil boy/girl images or hey what about a lovable ol English Bulldog!! Oh that would be sooo gorjuss!! Hugs Sheri

  • Monica

    Oh my the new stuff is so beautiful!! The scrap kit oh my it is so wonderful!! It sounds like Suzanne is on a roll and just two more to go for a new pack!! Thanks for all that you do!!


  • Maquita

    OMG! what a wonderful scrap kit!!!! I do love it….
    and those new paintings are so cute!!!
    God bless you hun Suzanne!

  • Kim

    OK you have to stop making all this great stuff Suzanne. I’m gonna have to get a second job to be able to pay for it…lol.

    The new paintings are freshalishous! Ok so I just made that word up. But they’re really

  • wow @ those new paintings, omg I am so excited I have hubbys card all ready and waiting,

    and pmsl I cant believe how miserable Kismet & Rocky look,

    Hope you have a good day Guys even though its hammering down,
    Hugs Leah xxxxxx

  • Christina

    Watch out for the grumpy cats! lol. Too funny…

    The new paintings are beautiful, I am so excited and really love what she’s done from the sketches to now. Wow.

    I am also excited about that scrap kit, very cute job!

  • Robyn(robynhearts)

    best be running to Paypal to up my acct. My kitties have been acting a little restless lately and have acquired a very heavy accent – not from Ohio at all. One asked if they sold bagpipes on Ebay :O Another has asked for a MacBane plaid kilt :0

  • Vikki

    lol @ Robyn

    Beautiful paintings Suzanne 🙂

    Love the fairy scrap kit! Its adorable 🙂

  • Hope your feeling better each day…. and I love your new fairy tubes and cant wait to get my hands on that scrapkit.
    Thanks Grant for keeping us updated…
    Hugs your way,