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OPEN NOW!!! Please form an orderly queue

Now please don’t rush!!!  One at a time….

Create your account or have a browse first……. it doesn’t matter….


AMI are not willing to allow you to use two license numbers on their tubes, so the simplest solution is to trade your old AMI license number in and convert it to a new Gorjuss code, Or simply dont mix and match old AMI tubes with new GorjussArt tubes…….. Sadly this is the way of things but we had to adhere to their contract. Any issues contact us. I shall update the Terms of Use now..


Simply email me at help@gorjussart.com and I will endeavour to assist you… this may be a slow process should demand be great tonight, but I will be in touch as SOON as I can be.  *memo to self : Setup email*… I am here untill the early am UK time to help as many of you as I can get started. Our beta testers found it quite simple to navigate and get around so we hope you won’t actually need us.  Though I have put some information in tonights blog to offer some help for situations you may wish to explore.


When you create an account, the welcome email with your Unique Gorjuss Digital license code is sent to you immediately. Before emailing help@gorjussart.com for assistance, make sure you check your email spam filters, or spam folders.  Your welcome email is very important… so please keep it safe for your own records.


The checkout is quite simple to use and should have a nicely polished trolley for you to use. If you are enviromentally concerned, all our downloads come in renewable virtual boxes, these simply recycle themselves when you open them instantly.


When you buy any of our downloadable content, it will complete the sale and return you to your account with a big DOWNLOAD button.  Click it to get your files.  If you bought items that require shipped to you, then your download button and order history are available through “MY ACCOUNT” button on the top banner…


Gift Certificates are available to buy, these are tricky little things, and need to be manually authorised by myself or Suzanne, so when you buy one, it may take upto 24hours to be ready. It will arrive in your email inbox by way of an email with a redemption code, this code is entered at the checkout.  OR if you log into the shop, and click on my account, it will show you your Gift Certificate amount, and you can send some of it, or all of it to another person.  Using the SEND button just below.  If you find this tricky at all, just email us and we will help you through it.


If you find anything we’ve missed or have any feedback to offer, please email me at help@gorjussart.com, and share your thoughts in the blog. We hope this is a good step forward for us all, but we accept that some people may have difficulties and we want to ensure they are fixed very quickly.


We will be running competitions tonight………. I will most likely edit the blog so that people can still access the above information, so when you check for running competitions, scroll down here to the bottom, here I will post the results and the next challenges…

We will be offering gift certificates as prizes tonight.  $5 and $10…. Gift certificates will be mailed out to you, in order to get it right you will need to have an account in the shop and I will e-mail you to get these details… your Gorjuss Digital License number will suffice for me to find your account… (Thats in your welcome email…dont delete it).

So we have some prizes planned already…..

First Account Made – $10 Gift Certificate..  WINNER: Jill R.

Fifth Order Made – $10 Gift Certificate…    WINNER: NatashaB.

We will get some other competitions going once these have been met…

Sorry about the delay… lots of little issue to resolve…….. kept me busy…

Ok time to run an interesting competition….

9:00pm Competition – PLEASE STOP NOW!!!

I will offer $5 gift certificates for every 10th post using my favourite “SDRAWKCAB GNITIRW”, I will check that the sentences are not RUDE or offensive… so get posting…  I am looking to give away a total of $50 so that 10 winners…

You can only win once, in the event you have the 10th and 20th post, the 2nd prize will go to the 21st person… and so on..

You guys are driving me mad…….. lol…….. so many posts its absolutely fantastic…….

If you don’t receive your WELCOME email please email help@gorjussart.com straight away, the strain on the site has caused some emails to fail………. so dont wait….. mail me…….  I will now be back at 11pm to start another competition and announce the winners of the backwards talking!!  So bare with me………. and thanks for playing……


Well tonights opening was a great success, with plenty of teething issues and automated email issues, but I think we’re ok now, If you haven’t received your welcome email yet, please mail me at help@gorjussart.com , I’ll re-send it on to you. Other than that and a weird folder in the zip _macosx, its not meant to be there, and I have fixed that.  Any Issues with packs or zips or downloads please mail help@gorjussart.com .  Sales is for sales queries, payments etc… it helps me deal with issues quicker!! lol….  So Saturday it is now UK in (went a bit yoda there). Tonight I will get the next competition done, I TOTALLY Underestimated the demand and email levels tonight.

Im stunned and so honoured and amazed to be working with you all as you are all frankly the best customers in the world. Thanks for your patience, your understanding, your tags…. and I hope I can meet your requirements and expectations.

I am going to be around for another hour then I have to go sleep… its just past 2am here, and my email box is beginning to quieten down.  I will respond to any emails when i awake!!  Thanks again…


  • Tracy

    Love the new place!! It’s so simple to use, that alone takes so much pressure off! Love the new products too 🙂 Wishing you both the very best on your new shop. Looks like it’s going over wonderfully!!

    !!trassujroG snoitalutargnoC

  • Tania

    From the things of it thing have worked like a charm!!!

    I hope u didnt come into to many problems ?

    I finally made an order about 2am LOL. I couldnt believe I had to go out last night really gutted… but glad all is good and love the place.. now I wanna find all me receipts to exchange them for ur ones 🙂
    Tania x x x

  • The Site Looks amazing hunni well done to both of you,

    I am on hubbys pc at the mo as ive lost my hard drive in a big way so have no psp as i lost everything (norty me didnt back it up) :(, but will defo be filling that basket up as soon as i have my lappy back and fixed,

    can I just ask if you will be doing custom packs??? and also wishlists? as i love to do wishlists and send them to family just before christmas hehe.

    Hugs Leah xxx

  • Serena

    good morning 7 am here for me just checking on ya 🙂

  • Great new store! I had no problems whatsoever. Thanks for all your hard work!

  • G’Morning Grant and Suzanne- just peeking in and wishing you a good day. I hope everything went well for you yesterday and I hope you two were able to rest at some point ! lol. Hugs – TammyJo

  • Morning All, I did survive the night,, I finally snoozled off at 330am and got started at 9am again.

    Mails are now to a reasonable ammount and tonight I shall detail Gift Certificates and Trade In Licenses….. so hopefully that will further reduce my email volumes!! lol

    Thanks everyone

  • Julie

    Good Morning Mr G and Suzanne
    today is my 39th Anniversary
    he bouht me 5 set before you opend and he says I can have more but not before the 31 rats
    but then look out because here I’ll be.I just love the new shop
    just what does this mean anyway
    Hope you have a Gorjuss day

  • Sandy/Fallen

    FYI:SDRAWKCAB GNITIRW means writing backwards and it is one of Mr. G’s favorite ways of torturing us, heheheheheheh

  • morning everyone!

  • Jo

    afternoon everyone! – i just had to buy the elements bulk pack too earlier this morning 🙂 think i got everything now -so off i go to open my psp and play!!lol

  • Just wanted to say hello. I hope we didn’t overwhelm the store and the email. I’m still waiting for responses though. I’m hoping my emails have not been eaten. I’m really anxious to get my new license so I can share my newest creations.

  • Robyn(robynhearts)

    Good afternoon (EST) 🙂 Wow you had a flood of us last night 🙂 I’m still waiting too …. my email must have danced away into space 🙂

  • Mouthie

    i got my #.. i am shocked at my #… i didnt think it was that high.. love the new store.. and waiting to decide if i should be brave enough and getmy print i want..
    Mouthie :blush:

  • Chris

    Congratulations to you both.The site is fantastic and you pulled out a miracle with all the hard work involved.The new pack is stunning, I’m one very happy gorjuss fan.