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NEW Collectable Easel Art

OK, so here it is, this beautiful new collectable Gorjuss™ Easel Art Series is a range of miniature art canvases exhibited on their own beautiful display mini easel. The canvases are tiny versions of gallery wrapped wall canvases, real canvas material wrapped around little wooden frames!

This means that we can now display our own precious Gorjuss™ artwork on our desk, mantelpiece or windowsill… or just wherever we want to look at something gorjuss during the day. The initial 6 chosen artworks have captions that are great to share; New Heights, Forget me not, I found my family in a book, I gave you my heart, we can all shine….. and if you want to give one as a gift…. just wait until you see the packaging. The designers have created something so truly truly gorjuss.

Well we love them, see what you think too. Click here to see them, they are so new that it will take a few days to get through to your local Gorjuss™ stockist, but ask and they’ll let you know when they expect to have the Easel Art in stock. – The Santoro Team

The packaging of these little lovelies is truly amaaaazing, I’ll upload photo as soon as I can! This is series 1, meaning they are perfect for collecting, the easels are such lovely, brilliant solid quality, perfect for gift giving or for treating yourself!


Gorjuss Mugs.

Gorjuss mugs Now we’ve got something special for you all , it’s been a while so it’ most def a time for A GIVEAWAY!!! YOU COULD WIN A FULL SET OF SIX Gorjuss™ MUGS (display case shown left not included). This set is worth £50 ( $81 approx.) These super sweet bone china mugs have the full image on one side, Merging seamlessly into a close-up, there is a tiny accent from the image, on the inside of the mug, and the handles have a wonderful black and White stripe detail to them! There are 6 mugs, in 3 diff designs, all are dishwasher safe too!


* Leave a comment, here on the blog telling us:
How would you describe the new “Canvas Easel Art”, But here’s the twist, We want ONLY NEW, NEVER HEARD BEFORE WORDS!!! E.g: gorj-licious OR gorj-tastic!

for a second chance..


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  1. Gorj-tiful, Gorj – hellou (means beautiful in Arabic!), Gorj-belle!!

    Great giveaway!
    @Dorothee77:disqus tweeting the comp now!

  2. they’re gorjuicy and gorjumptuous!!!

  3. OMG they are sooooooo cute and adorable!for the compotition i would call it wow!-juss 

  4. I would describe the new “canvas easel art” as gorj – utiful Because they are both gorjuss and beautiful along with the mugs xx 

  5. They are perfectussly gorglust

  6. Gorjasmic!

    (I’ve broken three mugs in the past week – and this set would be fab replacements)

  7. They are  gorjatronically gorjadorable on my pc screen, they look pixel-alicious! … and I would really love to win them 🙂

  8. I would say I’m well jel of who ever wins these gorgeoso mugs or canvase. Both are gorj-splendiferous lol! In all gorj-seriousness, they are great!

  9. Gor-dorable !! 

  10. the new easel art is ridicuGORJUSSlously fan-jussing- tasticly stupenjuss. 

  11. the easel art is fabadoodly lovelicious and superriffically coooolipops! 🙂

  12. The first word that springs to mind about the Canvas Easel Art is nomilicious, as I could just eat it all up. Also, it looks so splendidliumptious and fantasiafull. I love the maginess of the designs.

  13. Fab-utiful love the mugs and your blog
    Thanks for giveaway

  14. Gorjamazing, Gorjariffic, Gorjamajorica – the Canvas Art and the beauterifficamazinglygorj Mugs x

  15. They’re Gorj-e-o-shous!


  16. I would describe it as fantastulous, amazified, brilleous and stupendiful, if that makes sense!

  17. @needaphone this is Gor nump tius,  and is so totally SUPER all GOR GE ALLLI GOR JUSSS X

  18. Canfabulovely sweetasticrumtious Easilushingly printasmagorically
    fineartingushable  winablecanvusluvelyartification!

    XXX Found it hard to stop LOL (Twitter @chrriss88) (facebook christine bray)

  19. easipleasy supergorlovest magicallifuness amzinlibeautfulliness

    Thanks for the chance to win Xx

    @relisys222 Xx

  20. Incredifabulous , uniquellicious ,artastic , fantasteristic – love em !! @daisybeebee

  21. It’s gorjiscrumptuous 


  22. Fabilistic

  23. simplous – simply gorgeous

  24. Stunningtastic and Fabilicious

  25. fandabbydoozy! Love love love the Easel’s totally Gorj-arrific 🙂

  26. The easel art (and mugs) are simply gorjazzling

  27. ooh gorj-tastic giveaway!

    those mugs are super cute-able [a mixture of cute and adorable!]

  28. gorjblimeyguvnoristicallyfrimulouslytastical

  29. What a cute way to giveaway!
    These Canvas Easel are totally ARTdoable.They’re so GORJUSS that I can choose my favorite one :)I also love those MUGnificent mugs…
    * I’ll share it in my Facebook

  30. scrumdiddlyumptious cuteyness squibblies x

  31. I would LOVE to win these mugs. They’re cute-tasmic, irrisistabuloso and hearterific!

  32. the new easel art is just super-cali-gorjalistic!! i love them 🙂

  33. They are gorj-tiltilating! Because they tilt… oh, heck. It was funnier in my head. Promise!

  34. Pretty-Gorj Easel Art

    They really are very pretty! 🙂

  35. i need another set cos my mother and daughter have both nicked the puddles of love mugs… imaMUGforlettingthem

  36. What a gorj-ipidous accident that I ended up right here
    With the ending date so gorj-ighteningly near
    Now a gorj-abulous chance to win your gorj-tastic mugs
    They’re really are so gorj-iful I want to give them hugs 🙂

  37. Tantalistic, gorgelitic and fan-ta-be-doodle  canvas easel art.

  38. Have retweeted @chloe1705:twitter 

  39. gorj-eyecandyvortex! thats how id describe the canvas prints!

  40. Easel-juss – Juss cos its gorjuss

    Actually, those mugs are juss gorjuss!

  41. I would describe them as supercalagorjalistic!

  42. I would describe the canvas easel art as fandazzliscious :).

    (spellcheck having a paddy now lol)

    @srobbo71 on twitter

  43. I would describe the canvas easel art as fandazzliscious :).

    (spellcheck having a paddy now lol)

    @srobbo71 on twitter

  44. Art-is-juss Canvas Easel Art   

  45. Art-is-juss Canvas Easel Art is just gorjuss

  46. @bettyboop0112 on twitter

  47. Sugquestion- A combination of Suggestion and Question
    sometimes if you are not sure how to approach a problem
    a Sugquestion is the best way to start.

  48. Artiliciously Gorjastic!!