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By on 6-28-2011 in Canvas Wraps, Gorjuss Products

Well it is with a strange feeling for me that we now stop making canvas wraps here at gorjuss art, this is by no means the last chance to pick one up, more recognition of how wonderful the growth of the gorjuss brand has been. Now we have a lovely manufacturer making the canvas wraps for Santoro and supplying your local gift shops..

As more and more products are being produced we will slowly reduce the amount that we at gorjuss art produce, this will be very helpful as I can then concentrate more on looking after Suzanne and keeping her happy and well.


pick your own



pale pink 16 x 20

Things are moving along for us, sometimes with complications and sometimes lengthy delays before services come in for us.  We are trying to arrange someone to help Suzanne during the day so that I can get good long spells during a few days in the week to clear your orders.  Currently it is a bit of a lottery for me for time and often I work until the early hours to make our lovely gorjuss items for you.  Every time I do it, I remember how much I love this job and love the wonderful artwork I get to play with. I will miss making the canvases and I am so happy to see the BEAUTIFUL collectable canvases being so popular with you all.

NEW Collectable Easel Art

I want to leave some pictures of some of the wonderful canvas wrap’s I have made over the years and I will be giving them 3 seconds silence as a mark of respect and in loving memory of all the splinters and staple injuries sustained in their production…


ruby 16 x 10Gorjuss 8?x10? Wrapsceltic comfort canvas

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