Tube TOU Update & License # Now SHOWS In Your Accnt!

By on 8-01-2011 in Important Updates

Its been a while since we last looked at the terms and conditions of use for our personal use digital images.

I noted many little extra symbols mixed in with the normal text that were a sign of a little bit of corruption during the server changes, so first things first I cleaned these out to allow the terms of use to make sense again.

Also after many queries regarding the license and what it covers, and how to get one.. I updated the wording to hopefully make it clearer of what your license covers and that it will only allow you to use the tube packs/elements/individual tubes “digital products” that you have purchased from gorjuss art.

Also one of the biggest problems we have is the welcome email going missing, this leaves you waiting to know your license number and it makes for a lot of extra work for little old me to sort through, and a huge inconvenience for you…. SO rather than waiting or needing to email me, I updated the shop “MY ACCOUNT” page to show you your license code.  However it will only show the code if you have at least 1 gorjussart order.  I have tested this and it is working perfectly. Remember your license number only permits you to use the tubes/digital products you have bought and paid for from the gorjussart shop.

You can get this information now, these updates are in force.  There is no alterations to limitations of the license or additions in this update, just some re-wording and attempts to clarify things for our new customers and members.

SO please do let us know your feedback and how you get on with your license number.

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