News from Santoro: New Gorjuss Tear-off Notepads

By on 7-16-2012 in Santoro



santoro gorjuss tear-off notepads


 Hello everyone,

How are you today?  Here’s something verrrrry interesting from Santoro today, sweet vintage=y/nature=y themed gorjuss ‘tear off notepads’… perfect for LISTS, & we all need lists for soooomething don’t we? .. it’s gorjuss & it’s very useful.. add it to your shopping list today!   LOL

Do you love organising yourself, always writing lists of things to do, shopping and other lists of not-to-be forgotten things? Well these tear-off pads will be just the thing for you!

Click here to take a closer look or ask your local Santoro stockist to take a look at it in store.


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