Friday McNite McGiveAway

By on 2-27-2009 in Competitions / Contests, Help & Tutorials

Och Aye The Noo, Its here…………

And Its a Stoater………. I want yer bestest Scottish accents on fur Taenights blog Compateeshun.


” Yippee its arrived,

And by george its a really spiffing one.  I would request that you all make a good attempt at writing your blog comments tonight in a Scottish accent type themic way for participation in this evenings blog competition. If in doubt see untranslated text..”

Aricht ya pure dead mental bunch… its time tae show ya aw the stash…


”  Ok everyone, lets have a look at the prize..  ”

Its Like only the new updated bulk tube pack… here


”  Its Like only the new updated bulk tube pack…here ”


You may comment as many times as you want, disqualification may occur if double posting becomes a habit, no talking to yourself. Only room for one mad man in this blog!! We are not currently hiring!!

Competition will close Tommorrow night at 11pm GMT (Thats 3pm EST?) and its 13am (MrGST).

We will be in the chatroom at that point…. oh the chatroom is here… CHATROOM

You will need to have an account at Just Gorjuss to be able to get a log in.. (ie its the same)

If you are lucky enough to be the winner picked at Random…. you may keep the pack or gift it…. It CANNOT be broken up, it needs to stay as a bulk pack for auditing purposes… this is a GREAT opertunity for someone to start their collection..

So I’d like to open the competition with the first comment.. GUID LUCK TAE YEES A’W!

ps. No penalties for being too stereotypical, though there may be penalties for dishing the haggis..


I have updated the guide for GIFT CERTIFICATES, its hopefully a little easier to follow, so please do have a look and let me know if It can be clearer…

Here it is.

  • Juanita

    Waaat goes raun cums raun!

  • Liz

    good night ladies, we’re havin haggis now

  • Lucy

    Is this mcover?

  • Just wanted to pop in one more time before I head off to bed. Thanks for chat. Had fun! Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Can’t wait to hear who won. Gentle hugs all around.

  • Good night to all!

  • MzKathy

    Ony o’ ye scot wanna bes left around ‘ere in thae parts?

  • Lucy

    I may be a scot wanna bes…… LOL

  • Lucy

    Goodnight everyone, this was a lot of fun. 🙂

  • Gems

    Och!! iv nort but got te here noo, arm gonna be ticking to ma bed in a wee sec agin asell as arm feelin a wee bit poorly ,ken y tell? Ma gooood mayte wa tellin me boot this ere and i was a lick aww noooo,anyways shere i am nooo wishing yoos all had lossa fun. Hugs Gemsxx

  • Vikki

    Good morning Gorjuss friends 🙂

    I didn’t make it back in here or in to chat last night…i fell asleep at 9.30pm!

    Did you have fun in chat?

    When will you find out who won?

  • sorry for the lateness ( i have a note tho – it’s okay, no punishment exercises for me 😉 )


    We’ll post the winner in a blog post in just a few minutes !

    **THANK YOU ALL for entering, we had a jolly good chuckle at all the Scottishness !