NEW Gorjuss Trinket Box Available & Guest Giveaway: theRainbowRoom

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Please do take the time to enter our Cullen Craft sponsored competition from yesterday, it runs till Thursday and we will promote it strongly from Monday onwards!

We have something NEWLY released  for you today !! She’s called ‘After The Circus‘ and she’s looking for a new home  !!

She’s WOODEN (not Papier Mache!) but she’s a nice thick wooden box, with plenty of space inside to hold bangles or watches, or necklaces and earrings, or embroidery threads ( as shown, embroidery thread not incuded!)!  Whatever you need to store, you’ll find this will house it perfectly!  She measures  in 4″ (9cm)  in diameter!

Check out the gorjussArt shop to find her!

Isnt she lovely? She made up of High Quality Scrapbooking papers (mostly Sassafras) and Ribbons, it has a thick Lace Ribbon around the top too, the bottom has a yellow felt base, to protect the surfaces you place it on, and it has a nice green felt base inside too, to keep the goodies you place inside in tip top condition!

She’s in the gorjuss Art shop here.

Clara Luna “Therainbowroom” is an artist/designer/craftsperson who loves colour and especially rainbows. She lives in Mid-Wales & the internet plays a large part in her life, especially for her work and in keeping up to date with the real world!! She has started to share alot of photos and details about her work in her blog & on Flickr. Clara has spent many years developing her art & designs and hopes to inspire.   Clara Luna has a BA (hons) in Fashion & Textile Design. She enjoys working & experimenting in many different mediums including felt, feltmaking, mosaic, polymer clay and anything she can use to express her love of vibrant colour and pattern. Let’s find out more:

Shop address:

Meet Our Guest…

QuestionHello Guest Giveaway lovely! Please tell us a little bit about you , who are you, where you’re from!??
AnswerHello Gorjuss, thanks for having me here, come take a sneeky peek into my colourful world of creativity and artistic adventures. I am an artist & mother who lives in rural Mid-Wales in the UK. I am currrently home educating my daughter and when she lets me…… I become Clara Luna and I save the world in my own special way by filling it with colour & rainbows!!

Question Tell us about what you make & your inspiration?
AnswerMy aim is to brighten up the world with rainbows and colourful creations.
I believe rainbows can make a real difference and a kaleidoscope of colours will keep you on top of the world. I am happy to say “I make Rainbows” lots of cute and funky felt rainbows in different shapes and sizes, a variety of felted jewellery, lots of lovely felted soaps, colourful felting supplies to inspire your creativity and a whole lot more too!

Question What is your favourite item to make/sell ?
Answer I love making everything, custom requests are lots of fun and felting beads for my jewellery is very theaputic.

Question Do you have any favourite Etsy items you’ve bought?

AnswerI really love your work Gorjuss, especially your ‘Sometimes Rainbows Fade’. I have a few fab trees from hitree, love summersville and her beautiful printed fabrics, unique cards from storeyshop, oh there are so many!!!….Etsy is great !

Question Do you have any other websites people can find you?

Answer I have shops on Etsy, Folksy and Dawanda
If you want to know a little bit more about me and my Rainbow Room, you can find my blog at my photos at come follow me on Twitter join my Facebook Page

Question Whats the best advice you’ve ever been given?

Answer eerrr….still waiting for that I think ; )

Question Anything else you’d like to say?

Answer One life , Live it!


Great Interview Rainbowroom, thanks for letting us find out a little bit more about you and your creations ! Now, lets see what you gave the lovely gorjuss Readers a chance to win this weekend..

who wants to w in

YOU COULD WIN: Rainbow Brooch & Claraluna Cloud Brooch!

It’s a star! To Enter On Blog: This seller is clearly colour passionate, so lets delve into our deep psyche’s and examine what colour of the rainbow’s we are. So tell us what colour of the rainbow you would be and why?!!! Whatever it is, tell us !

For an EXTRA entry, we will accept you to VISIT therainbowroom, find your favourite thing there ( warning: It may take a while, you’ll love it all!!) and copy the URL ( the www.sitename/faveitem.php bit!) and paste it into your comment here! Clara would love to hear your fave items & it will DOUBLE your chances of winning to do both !! ( I’m sure she’ll read your comments too, so please let her know what you think of her lovely Creations and wonderful interview she did for you all !)

…. Good Luck and have fun, Remember if you are new to the blog, it can take upto 12 hours for your post to be checked an authorised… once its given the ok all further posts should appear instantly. So don’t panic…

for a second chance..

To Enter on Twitter: We have a $7 GorjussArt Gift Certificate prize available for a twitterer winnerer too ! Just hit the RETWEET button at the top of this blog and your RT will be entered into a draw too ( the winning tweet will be chosen by too!)

Closes: Sunday Night at around 10pm GMT ( gorjuss time is shown on the blog clock!) Winner decided by For Facebook readers, comments must be submitted on the actual blog You can enter as many times as you want on the blog ( but only one entry on twitter) just no back to back posting ( i.e someone should post between your posts!)

Good luck everyone, and a big thank you to Clara Luna “therainbowroom” for joining us this weekend and of course her generosity with the prize!


  1. I Love the adorable stuff on the site .. SO cute!!! I finally picked a fav. The I-Pod pocket/carrying thing (felt cover) .. OMG so cute and would be perfect for my lil Cell phone .. LOL Here is the link ..


  2. WOW – so love her shop – love the colors – on a rainbow I would pick purple – it is a color that inspires me and makes me happy ever since I could remember –
    I am just learning about felting – so I picked this:
    Have a beautiful weekend~!~

  3. I would have to say blue is me.
    So many shades, so many attitudes.
    I think the best of the blues is royal blue.
    I used to have a lucky blue shirt but it was
    shrunk in the washer.

  4. I don't know if this is what you meant by my color but I have always liked the colors pink and black! I have a lot of pink and black stuff from pillow cases to t-shirts, lol! I do tend to wear a lot of blue clothes because it looks the best on me 😀

    my favorite item on the site would be the rainbow keychain

    I love rainbows and if I am outside or even near the window after a rainstorm I'm always looking around to see if there is by chance a rainbow…

  5. What a beautiful blog post. I'm a big fan of Clara's colourful creations and her work certainly brightens my day when I visit her blog or Flickr page. I would be that shade of indigo that occurs in a rainbow. My fave colours are turquoise and purple but that comes nicely in between : )
    This is my fave from The rainbow Room Shop
    I love the photo and it would be so exciting to see what arrived.

  6. oh she is just beautiful! such a gorgeous trinket box!

    my colour of the rainbow is blue, it means summer to me and brings smiles!

    hugs mandyxx

  7. can i join to win that?coz i'm from malaysia~
    but anyway, i'll give it a try~!

    choosing color from rainbow aint easy since i love all of em!
    i love bright colors… so i might choose yellow..a bright one of coz[yellows are meant to be bright haha]
    why i choose it? coz i love to be bright…make me feel fresh when we are brightly happy, it brings the meaning of cheerful and joy… i wish my routine life can be like that..
    >__<V cheers

    rainbowroom have such a colourful handmade items and i saw one special thing which attracts me..that the heart felted soap!!!
    i didn't see it before…it was cute and cool~
    i love the pink one! i can feel whenever i look at it in my shower i will cheer by it XD…

  8. I am purple- not quite blue and not quite red. I am happy go lucky and the craziest and zaniest things make me smile.:-) Purple is just the “funnest” color there is and had always been my favorite.

  9. I'd be orange- it reminds me the of my brother and his crazy out there bright personality and his wee orange mini and the great times we had together.… I love this from the rainbowroom , bringing rainbows with you everywhere is perfect.

  10. Great blog post! Love the little trinket box, the rainbow and cloud brooches are so cute and colourful, and enjoyed reading the interview and learning more about the Rainbow Room.

    My colours from the rainbow would have to be either blue or green…I find them both to be peaceful colours.

    It was hard to pick just one favourite thing from the Rainbowroom shop as everything was very cute, but I really liked the Happy Sunflower Felt Brooch (it's so bright and cheerful, and sunflowers just happen to be one of my favourite flowers). Here is the link:

  11. I would be green. Not only because I LOVE green, but it symbolizes life, nature, fertility and well being.. all things very important to me!

    This is just awesome! I love it!

  12. Light blue would be me. Because it makes me think of cool sparkly waters of the sea. Just where I would love to be in this horrible heat we have now.

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