If at first you don’t succeed, Tree Tree Again..

By on 6-30-2009 in Canvas Wraps, Important Updates, New Release, Ramblings

Good Evening All,
And welcome to What Did Mr G. DO Today…………… canvas wraps galore..
Have a look at these beauties, we even made up some 16″x10″ canvas’s, but I wasn’t sure they’d work… but they are sooo cute.

This is a full sized 16″x20″ Canvas wrap of Pale Pink…. (already sold!)
pale pink 16 x 20
Here are the pictures of the super cute 16x10s..
ruby 16 x 10
For sale here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27194975

And some more…
walk the line 16 x 10

For Sale Here: http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=27194697

Suzanne also finished up a lovely little element pack for you all to use, its 6 lovely trees to help add that special something to your creations…

new today!

All Ready to buy in the store, 6 of the cutest trees! .. go peek!

Mr G x


  1. Those prints turned out fabulous! I love the look of the 2nd one.

    Off to check out trees….whodduthunk it! LOL

  2. C’mon Grant….vogue!

  3. Best I can manage is Vague…

  4. Good work Grant l love to see a man work hard…..

    Woohoooooooooooo Suzanne love the trees

    Hugs lee xx

  5. WOW those wraps look amazing great job Grant and great modeling job as well lol
    The tree’s are darling I see so many uses for them! will get them as soon as I can

    thank you suzanne for all your hard work

  6. ooo i so can’t wait to get it home now 🙂 ! lol yup I’m all excited, great modeling job Mr G !

    thous trees are brill, and yup so many uses !
    have a lovely Wednesday xxx Lou 😉

  7. What cute trees! lol Love ’em 🙂

  8. LOVE the look of those canvas wraps!!!

  9. Oh love the modeling job Mr G…. Great job on the canvas wraps, they look Awesome…..
    Will have to go peek at the tree’s, I know they will be Beautiful…..
    Hugs Mea

  10. Oh wow! These look purely fantastic! How do you print those beautiful canvas’s at home?! Do you have special equiptment for them?

  11. Omg She just arrived ( Pale pink ) i just can’t thank you enough, she is just more darling in person, my 5 year old is in love withe and my 6 month is too

    Thank you so much Suzanne xxx have a lovely weekend !

  12. Great modeling, Mr. G! Love the wraps! Had a peek at the trees, Suzanne, and they’re cute!

    I need more birthdays for more birthday money. LOL