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By on 3-23-2011 in Gorjuss Friends, Sharing The Gorjussness

Hello gorjuss fans ! We’ve been busy here behind the scenes, Suzanne has been featured in TWO upcoming interviews + features in TWO wonderful Magazines ! We’ll show you and let you know where you can pick these up as soon as they are published !!

We’ve had a great response form Fans lately, big thanks go to Deenie for her Monthly Get Well Soon cards she sends to Suzanne, it gives her such strength to carry on, knowing somewhere someone is thinking about her !  Thank you Deenie ! :blush2: (If  YOU want to send Suzanne a card or other fan art/ gift, find the address to send it to at the Contact section here: )

Another project Suzanne has been working on is a very sweet one, she was contacted by a School here in Scotland, the class ( of 10/11 yr olds) had picked Suzanne as an Artist to study this year, they had studies the art and practised drawing some of their own !  Suzanne added to the project by answering EACH personal question from the kids, with her own handwritten answer to them – it took her a while to write them out but she got there in the end ! ( thank goodness it was a small class!) ..  YES

Here is a peek at some of their wonderful drawings:

Arent they just adorable?  YES  And thats not the ONLY Fan art we have received YAY! , last week we were surprised with this lovely tiny package that arrived:

Suzanne adores this little fella ! He is a handmade, felted gorjuss™ Fox from Stroma! She included a lovely message for Suzanne & this little Fox now sits with Suzanne’s growing Foxy collection !!
( Stroma!) Click on her name to find her Twitter feed and find more of her lovley crafty creations ! WOW!

Thats all for now but please, if you enjoyed it, share this post with your friends, on FB & Twitter, and to leave a comment, we DO read them all, thanks for reading !





  1. Too chuffed for words thank you for putting the little foxes on your blog.

  2. That little fox is adorable!! What an excellent job and for sure something I lack the talent to do lol Well done, Stroma 🙂

  3. Awesome!!
    I Love Gorjuss!

  4. Really good work from your side for her fans and i am also her fan. So i will definitely send gift to her. Thanks for this link.

  5. oh such a cute little gift from Stroma!! adorable =)

  6. Nice blog.Cute little gift.thanks for sharing..

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  10. That little fox is adorable!! What an excellent job.

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