Gorjuss Art Shop Update

By on 4-01-2011 in Competitions / Contests, Important Updates

Right I am happy to report that the shop is now open again with a few alterations.
The biggest one is that TUBES are not on sale at this time, there is a problem with the downloads that I am working on as we speak, once I have resolved this I will re-open them.

This is a temporary problem and I hope to have it resolved very soon so please do bare with us.

Also we are looking for your feedback on the shop, have you found a bug? A glitch? Text that makes no sense? IOs it running faster for you or slower? Please let us know your thoughts at help@gorjussart.com.

I will be turning my attentions to the official Just Gorjuss group once I resolve the download issue so LOTS more exciting updates to come soon.

We also plan to relaunch this blog with a new look and thanks to our Friends at Santoro… a HUGE PRIZE giveaway…

Keep watching the blog over the next few days… it will definately be worth your while… and I look forward to your feedback.

Best Wishes
-A Tired Mr G.


  1. Well done Mr G.


  2. Yeah so glad the shop is back up, it was hard to link
    to when writing my tuts lol, I SOOO cant wait for the
    jg group fix, I can not get in without it freezing my pc
    even using firefox and chrome

  3. Really great news for everyone because you are going to open you shop again. And hope all of your customers will be happy after hearing this news and best of luck. Keep sharing this type of information and post.

  4. congratulation on the mag interview — just wonderring is there any chance of more designs in rubber stamps – im a crafter and i adore the stamps that use to be at sugar nellie – i would and very many others , would love to see some more xxxx pretty pretty please ( grovel)

    maddy UK .

  5. I liked these pics a lot.Nice to see it.It’s so cute.Thanks.

  6. I haven’t tried to load your website on an IOS device, but I’ll look at it later.

  7. Welcome back then! We are all hoping for a fast fix. We’ll see and send you some message if I found some glitches or bug in the site.

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