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By on 4-11-2011 in Important Updates

After a lot of little problems and some bigger ones we have now fixed the issues with Downloads and the checkout process is working well, we’ve been keeping an eye on the orders and all seems to be fine and dandy.

We also have been running a little sale while we get it back on its feet… so currently the offer is.
20% OFF Prints and Tubes (individual tubes included)

The sale will run until Midnight Sunday evening 17/4/11, so please don’t miss your chance to pick up a bargain..

Click Here to Visit the GORJUSS ART Shop…

Yes and I am updating the bulk packs to make sure you get every thing available in there… so all packs are present, I am still working on a new bulk element pack, and it will be released as soon as I can complete it.
By Wednesday evening I suspect I will have this up.

Time is a constant adversary and there is so much I have to fit in a day before I can get to the fun stuff, like making up orders and fiddling with shops. Suzanne is well but still working hard to try to recover some mobility and independance. It is clear it will be a very long road for us… but she remains absolute in determination.

We are very soon to launch our new look blog, and our competition planned is HUGE… you will love it.

So please keep checking back here for updates, it won’t be long now before we can launch the new look blog, its shaping up very nicely and we have just a few small final touches to make. I can’t wait till you see it, and I hope that you love it.

If you haven’t re-visited our shop since the “CRASH”, please do… we are expecting it to be a good degree faster to browse and with the updates, we are hoping for fewer glitches or errors. Plus its now on a nice new server, we hope for far less downtime. So have a look and let us know what you think. We love and value your feedback.

Now time for a picture of the gorjuss daffy’s sprining up in our garden… sure to put a smile on your face..

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  1. Nice pictures , thanks for sharing.

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