The Skeleton Key Exhibition //Los Angeles// Add A Original Gorjuss™ To Your Family !

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Hello Everyone ! We have sent some Originals from Suzannes Drawing Archive to her next Exhibition in L.A,( this does not mean she is working again, but we do want to keep her work coming to you! ), she has approved the new releases and hopes very much you love them, she knows many of you are keen to grab original work and is sure you will love these !  We are so glad we found so many to fit the theme of ‘The Skeleton Key’ ( Keys always feature heavily in Suzannes work YAY! ).  Not in LA? You CAN buy them online too via the galleries website !

Suzanne is getting very down at not being able to create, so please please leave a comment here on this blogpost letting her know your feelings to these girls form the Archives  YES

Find Out More:

The Skeleton Key – Opens May 20th – Suzanne has FOUR originals from her Archive available TO BUY !

To get updates, and enquire for more info OR to buy any of Suzanne’s works show below, Please Contact Swoon Gallery: Phone: 310.704.1245  // Email: OR . Also find them on Facebook here:  Swoon Gallery @ Facebook



.: The Skeleton Key :. //Friday, May 20 // Presented By SWOON GALLERY
Artists personal interpretation of what lies behind the locked door…

Featuring: Christopher Umana,  Cory Benhatzel,  Jessica Ward,  Rick Beaupre,  Suzanne Woolcott

Swoon Gallery brings together an array of talented artists from around the globe. Every artwork has a story behind it and reflects a special emotion, memorable dream or precious memory from within its creator.The mission of this gallery is to invite the viewer into the artists realm, and for the viewer to take with them, an experience that makes them swoon.

Here’s the ORIGINALS from Suzanne’s Archive, available to buy from the Gallery NOW ! Contact details are above!

The Skeleton Key:

This beautiful piece was one of Suzanne’s last works before she became disabled, it is packed with detail and reference, as wel as being titled in a beautiful script
ORIGINAL ink on paper, WITH pink watercolour accents.

Framed:  13″ x 15″ // Actual Size:  8″ x 10″

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The Key:

The smallest of the pieces, with her sweet flowing hair, her highly detailed dress, she is standing amidst a dusting of keyholes (and some smaller keys)
ORIGINAL ink on paper, WITH pink watercolour accents.Framed:  7. 1/2″ x 11″ // Actual Size:  4″ x 6″

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The Forget:

Darling Girl with a bow in her hair, and her sweet sailor collar, crossed hands lay on her aged ribbon, with the title of the piece written in a pretty script ( think of it in French, The Forrrr- Jshet ! ) Amidst a frame of leaves, and above a large lock, and a heart shaped key!
ORIGINAL ink on paper, WITH pink watercolour accents.

Framed:  11″ x 9″  //  Actual Size: 9″ x 7″

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Head In The Clouds:

Sweet girl stands on a Rainbow with clouds areound her, raining keys, each cloud has its own lock !
ORIGINAL ink on paper, WITH pink watercolour accents.

Framed: 13. 1/2″ x 10″  //  Actual Size:  11″ x 8″


Head In The CLouds

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PLUS !! Each Artist taking part were given a wooden door hanger to use as part of their theme, Suzanne gave me direction as we put this lovely decorated piece together, it would be a great piece to collect, and is also available at the Gallery !

Remember to contact the Gallery: SWOON GALLERY
to add these girls to your family, they can not be found in our stores!

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  1.  Beautiful! I wish I could afford an original!
    Where do you get the frames from? I love the red patterned one and the teal is a lovely colour!

  2. Dear Suzanne and Mr. Grant,
    Your work is so beautiful. It has a timeless quality that makes me fall in love no matter how often I look at the pieces I’ve bought. Your Gorjuss girls look how I feel 🙂 Thank you for sharing so much of yourself through them.
    You are always in my thoughts and prayers,

  3. Thank you Rachael ! All frames have been painted by Us, specifically for the exhibition ( The larger on is Decoupage – with lovely accents like a little hanging key and buttons !)

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