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Hello Everyone !  So excited at all  the new products Santoro are rolling out, I can hardly wait to tell you all about them , and I enjoy  writing these posts so much, here’s news about NEW paintings added to their Card range, these would make perfect Xmas cards, & if you have any left over, just use them for any occasion ( They are all blank inside – for any occasion! ).

It’s always exciting when new Gorjuss artworks are added into the collection, and we have just decided to feature three more of Suzanne Woolcott’s artworks. These artworks are entitled: ‘White Rabbit’, ‘because she is my rose’ and ‘little red’. Which is your favourite? They are all available as cards now, and can be seen and ordered here, or as always please ask your local Gorjuss stockist.

‘Little Red’ and ‘because she is my rose’ are also already featured within the Gorjuss Canvas Wall Art Collection, but keep an eye on us over the next few months and you will start to see these artworks appearing on more products……

So we’ve decided it is COMPETITION TIME ! Who wants to win:

Gorjuss Canvas – Purrrrrfect Love 20x20cm (WORTH £25 !)

Can you find the purrrrfect place in your home to hang this cute girl & her LOVE-ly Kitty? The canvas is thick, so it will even stand on a shelf, or on a dressing table, spreading the gorjuss-ness around the room! This will be lovely to gaze at each day! Is there room for this Gorjuss girl in your home?

( Prize is the Canvas print on the left only, including shipping,
doesn’t not include any props used in photo, prize is exempt from
refund/return policy and may not be change to any other prize. )

To Enter On Blog:

What do YOU think the sweetest, newest Gorjuss™ product  release will be?  (There are no right or wrong answers, every answer will be entered into the draw, & picked by random!) For Example, “I think the next release will be stripy balloons!”

for a second chance..

For an EXTRA entry:

We will accept you to VISIT the Santoro Site, and let us know your favourite thing from the Gorjuss™ range so far! ( warning: It may take a while, you’ll love it all!!) and copy the URL ( the www.sitename/faveitem.html bit!) and paste it into your comment here! **TO DO THIS YOU MUST USE A SEPERATE COMMENT TO GAIN AN EXTRA ENTRY!

For an EXTRA EXTRA entry:

For yet another EXTRA way to enter, you can TWEET via Twitter !  Please Tweet this:

” #WinGorjussThings  Who Wants To Win? Just Comment or RT To Enter: http://www.suzannewoolcott.co.uk/?p=4244 via @gorjuss

Closes: 28th August at around 10pm GMT ( gorjuss time is shown on the blog clock!) Winner decided by Random.org. For Facebook readers, comments must be submitted on the actual blog www.gorjussart.co.uk/blog ). You can enter as many times as you want on the blog ( but only one entry on twitter) just no back to back posting ( i.e someone must post between your posts!) Remember, if you are nre to the blog, & haven’t ever left a comment, then it can take a while for your post to show up, but don’t worry, it will appear in the place you left it once it is approved by us, once you have one comment approved, all the following ones will show up immediately.  You do not have to create an account here on the gorjuss blog to leave a comment, you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter (&more options!) !  For tweets to count, they MUST include our @gorjuss name AND have the comment left above included, you may add your own comment to it!


Thanks for reading, & GOOD LUCK !



  1. Anything that comes out is just perfect! I love my little angels, though, and hope that more of them show up!

  2. We just made a little adjustment to the required TWEET text to make it easy to just hit the re-tweet button above.  All prior entries will still count so don’t panic.. Thanks to all who are entering this far.
    -Mr G

  3. I love I Found My Family In A Book

  4. I LOVE these products and nowhere sells them near me 🙁 I would love more stationary – ring binders, artist portfolios, A4 stitched notebooks. I would buy them all. I generally have to buy two of each thing, though – one to write in and one to admire xx

  5. I wanna win! I think the next item will be a gorjuss girly!

  6. I could not pick a they are all so beautiful! 🙂 <3 

  7. I think the next Gorjuss product should be a Gorjuss hoodie! 🙂

  8. I would love to share my morning coffee with a Gorjuss gal mug! 🙂 Seen here:

  9. We’re hoping the next new products are lunchboxes & umberellas! 

    Just visited a local shop (Nik Nak Noo in Malvern) that stocks lots of your lovely things, with my 5 & 6 year old daughters, we fell in love instantly!  

  10. Our favourite product for writing lovely notes http://www.santorographics.com/shop/gorjuss-memo-block-family-in-a-block.html

  11. iPhone skins would be perfect because my sister & I just got one, and it would be brilliant to have one! :)) I already have a bag, and love it so so much!
    Wish you all the best!!

  12. should say a favorite hehe 🙂 <3 them all <3

  13. next product iphone, ipad skin, I was also recently redecorating my bathroom and thinking I would luv a shower curtain hehe 

  14. I think the next release will be Dear Alice or Blushes, I love them both!!http://www.santorographics.com/shop/gorjuss-mugs-set-set-of-6-mugs-2-of-each-design.htmlAnd my favorite thing Gorjuss is 

  15. HELLO!!! WELL I THINK IN GORJUSS IN ANY TIME I LOVE IT HAVE IN THE SCHOOL OR IN MY WORK FOR THAT I LOVE ALL IN A  HANDBAGS OR  IN A NOTEBOOK SEE MY  FAVORITE Shttp://www.santorographics.com/shop/gorjuss-shoulder-bag-i-found-my-family-in-a-book.html

  16. things for kitchen MUST BE THE NEXT WORK  of gorjuss mmmm maybe my food will be delicious jajjajajaj

  17. I think the sweetest newest gorjuss release should be fingerless gloves with a gorjuss girl sewed on and a small black heart to keep our fingers nice and warm <3 xx

  18. http://www.santorographics.com/shop/gorjuss-counted-cross-stitch-kit-new-heights.html 

    My faveourate product is the cross stitch new heights kit as I suffer from CFS and to pass the time it always makes me smile 🙂 Cant wait until I get finished!


  19. “ #WinGorjussThings Who Wants To Win? Just Comment or RT To Enter: http://www.gorjuss.co.uk/blog/?p=4244 via @gorjuss “

  20. I think the newest release should be more handbags and matching purses as I am  a handbag junkie, ooh and more notebooks – can never have enough notebooks and journals

  21. I think the next new release will be a mousemat of The Runaway.

  22. Next release may be a ring, I saw you made necklaces, why not a ring? (perhaps you’ve made them already but I haven’t noticed… ) 😀

  23. A blanket would be cool!

  24. I love the gorjuss mugs specialy this one http://www.santorographics.com/shop/gorjuss-mug-on-top-of-the-world.html

  25. I’ll be really happy if the next item is a gorjuss t-shirt or cup of tea! :))

  26. I want to be the lucky winner!!
    I think a great next product could be ipod and iphones skins 

  27. love all the stuff! An Umbrella would be cool or a Gorjuss Blythe :0)

  28. i would love to see individual tea sets.. the ones where the cup sits on top of the pot ^^

  29. I think the next release will be single tubes that aren’t available in the shop!

  30. I think the newest stuff for the shop will be single tubes that have not been released in the store yet!

  31. So cute! The sweetest newest release will be a gorjuss fabric panel with charm square size images to make into  pillows, quilts, and other gorjuss crafts! 🙂

  32. For some reason I can’t comment over at Santoro 🙁 but I love everything so far that I own but over all I’m going with my Ruby shoulder bag because my boyfriend bought it for me when I was writing my MA dissertation 🙂

    I think the next new sweetest gorjuss product will be a full dining set, plates, bowls, cup, glasses the lot! I would just love that!

    retweeted (several times) @midnightreads:disqus

  33. yey, I managed to leave a Santoro comment 🙂

  34. The next will be watering a tiny tree. Thanks!

  35. So cute! The sweetest newest release will be a gorjuss fabric panel with charm square size images to make into  pillows, quilts, and other gorjuss crafts

  36. I think the next new sweetest gorjuss product will be a full dining set, plates, bowls, cup, glasses the lot! I would just love that!nike soccer cleats

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