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Goodevening everyone, heres to you and a happy and fun weekend.  We are so proud and happy to reveal the newest products are NOW in the larger Boots stores near you, and to celebrate we have some goodies to give away.

So please re-tweet and leave a comment  in this blog to get your chance to win this weekends giveaway prize.

Right so firstly lets get down the stunning products that are in Boots now.

These items (currently) are all part of the 3 for 2 Christmas offer. The prices of these items may vary and last year they sold out very VERY quickly eek! and we would hate for you to miss out.  You can order from Boots online and have the items delivered to your home OR your nearest Boots pharmacy/store.  So please take advantage of this new and fantastic range of products, some of which are Exclusive to Boots.  Also if you are in a store and you see an amazing display, please send in your photos – we LOVE to see them ! YAY!

The competition details are at the end of this blog, and please check the blog over the next week too, as we detail EVEN more products and news coming soon!


This is the most beautiful Tea Pot, Ideal for those special visitors and fits in beautifully with the other gorjuss products like coasters and place mats. A fantastic way to make a gorjuss tea party.

And while you’re waiting for the tea to be ready, why not bake some cakes and keep your clothes clean with this Stunning gorjuss apron.  Its a lovely soft cotton apron with a crisp picture of The White Rabbit on the front.

Did you burn your cookies?  Did those Cakes flop in the oven leaving you bereft of sustinance??? Fear not, serve this Sharing box of sparkly gorjuss chocolates…  Too pretty to eat, but if you dare the reward is smooth deep flavoured chocolate…

This is lovely, give it to your guest and they can put their ipod in this stunning media case, and then write you a gorjuss thank you note with the mini notebook gift set.  Show them you care!!

Stuff to show off how gorjuss you are at work, make your colleagues jealous of your gorjuss memo, pen and ID Holder!!

Its a book of notes, unwritten so you can put your own notes in… plenty of space for those daydreaming days when the ideas pour through your head..quick Jot them down… before you forge….what was I saying?
Do you forget things? Not anymore…. keep your memos on this pad and stick them to key places throughout your house to help you remember.

Its Gorjuss its an address book and it also has a pen….. ideal for taking the gossip given to you by your guest to use against them in any future arguments.. or for writing love notes to that special someone..
Bet you wished you had a litlle note book like this when you did your last shopping list… ideal with a nice pen attached.

But wait, my guest wants hot chocolate…well then these gorjuss marshmallows in stunning tin will make your hot chocolate delicious and gorjuss!!

Oh no where can I put these left over chococlates??  Simple… put them in one of these gorjuss storage tins… and keep them nice and gorjuss.

Still peckish??? Try these tasty gorjuss treats…

Was your guest blown away by your tea? Well send them home with a little more with this Gorjuss flask!

Oh no you broke the tea cup for your guest… quickly pick this matching cup and coaster as a perfect compliment to your purrrfect love teapot..


This weekend we want to hear YOUR thoughts as you peek at the new gorjuss things, and to make it more fun YOU CAN WIN A PRIZE !  YAY!  We’re giving YOU a chance to win one of these special goodies RIGHT NOW.. please read below to find out how to take part.. it’s easy ! ( & quick!)  It’s worth a try, check out the fabulous Prize:

(The close-up photos below are of the actual prize, the lucky winner will receive !)


To Enter On Blog:

What do YOU think of the sweetest newest Gorjuss™ products?  If you were to take advantage of the Boots 3 for 2 offer….what would be your dream 3 items to buy from Boots?  (There are no right or wrong answers, every answer will be entered into the draw, & picked by random!) For Example, “I can’t live without the Apron and Teapot and Chocolates!!!”

for a second chance..

For an EXTRA entry:

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” #WinGorjussThings What’s gorjuss in your Boots?  Just Visit The Blog To Enter: http://www.suzannewoolcott.co.uk/?p=4473 via @gorjuss “

Closes: 2nd October at around 10pm GMT ( gorjuss time is shown on the blog clock!) Winner decided by Random.org. For Facebook readers, comments must be submitted on the actual blog www.gorjussart.co.uk/blog ). You can enter as many times as you want on the blog ( but only one entry on twitter) just no back to back posting ( i.e someone must post between your posts!) Remember, if you are nre to the blog, & haven’t ever left a comment, then it can take a while for your post to show up, but don’t worry, it will appear in the place you left it once it is approved by us, once you have one comment approved, all the following ones will show up immediately.  You do not have to create an account here on the gorjuss blog to leave a comment, you can sign in with your Facebook, Twitter (&more options!) !  For tweets to count, they MUST include our @gorjuss name AND have the comment left above included, you may add your own comment to it!


Thanks for reading, & GOOD LUCK !


Remember Gorjuss Original artworks AVAILABLE NOW HERE



  1. I LOve the flask I so need one! And a teapot (collect them) and then the apron too…. Love it all! 🙂

  2. What you call honeycomb covered in chocolate looks like something I had as a much younger lass called sponge toffee. MMmmmmm, miss that treat! Would love to have some Gorjuss and chocolate-coated 🙂 While we’re on the topic of chocolate….those Gorjuss Belgian Chocolates look positively yummy! I don’t normally eat a lot of chocolate but those two look irresistible 🙂 I also think the teapot is really sweet!

  3. My mom spends a lot of time in hospital, due to Crohn’s disease! As we are Irish we are big tea drinkers and I’m sure you know just how horrible a hospital cup of tea can be, so I would buy her the flask, mug and coaster!!

  4. It would have to be the storage tins, apron and flask! I can’t wait to start my christmas list as all of these and more will be going on it. Well done for bringing even more fantastic products to the range.

  5. It’s hard to choose but I love the apron, the mug & coaster and the chocolates.

  6. I would have the Set of 2 Storage Tins, the Tin of Marshmallows and the Little Office Essentials. Though all are simply Gorjuss!!

  7. mmmm, decisions, decisions… I’m going to go for the storage tins, A5 linen notebook (I’m a singing teacher and always running out of paper) and the flask – again the latter applies but to coffee!
    RTing as @Rachel1383:twitter email: klara1383@hotmail:disqus.com
    thank you xxxxxxxx

  8. Oh my, I love them all, I have to buy my grand daughter the tin of mallows and the media case and I have to have the mug and coaster set, so these are my picks. Just beautiful. Kat from J.G.

  9. Wow these new items are spectacular!  Such beauties.  My three favorites are:  The teapot (how fun to serve tea with a Gorjuss girl on it!), The Large Storage Tins, and the adorable mugs and coasters. 

  10. i LOVE the new products!!! they are just so gorjuss…^^ 
    my dream items: 1. flask 2. memo block 3. tin of mallows …;)

  11. There are 15 items listed, so I would just have to have 5 lots of 3 items…then I could have them all !!!!!!!!!!!    Yippee !!!!!!

  12. Awesome!!
    I’d definitely go for the tea pot (so cute), the wonderful storage tins and the address book/pen set!!

  13. wow awesome news!!!! and even better that they will be part of the 3 for 2 offer!!! ! i would pick the storage tins, notepad, and the choccies!!!! how cute!! thanks for the chance to win xx

  14. The teapot, flask and memo block would be my pics….everything is incredible though……love, love love!

  15. woohoooo Gorjuss now at boots!!! and on 3 for 2 offer!!!

  16. Very excited to see so many new products. My favourites are the media case set, office essentials and tins.

  17. My list would be!

    Matching cup and coaster
    Memo Block
    Gorjuss memo, pen and ID Holder

    I have the Boots Christmas book and got very excited when I saw Gorjuss in there 🙂

  18. I’ll be writing to Santa early this year as he left a message in my stocking last year that most of the Gorjuss products had sold out! Still managed to get a couple tho ;o)
    My top 3 ‘WILL’ be (teehee)

    1-Teapot -I’m a lush for tea.

    2-The mug-to match my teapot 🙂

    3-Apron- I’m a messy crafter and working with inks is a nightmare. Been looking for a pinney to wear and you hit the target with this one. Hope I don’t mess it up now as too nice.

    Thanks for this chance to win and save Poor Santa some pennies 🙂 xxx

    That’s my top 3 altho I have a feeling they’ll be more than three on my Christmas list 🙂

  19. OMG they are all amazing…I NEED the teapot!! and I would buy the apron and the tins to go with it!! But really I would want to buy everything!!xx

  20. I would love the teapot, cup and tins. They would be fabulous in the kitchen.The whole range is so pretty.x

  21. Like all this lovely things! 

  22. It would have to be the cup, chocolate and marshmallows in this dreich scottish weather for some cheering up.  So happy to see gorjuss products in Boots 🙂

  23. Omg how difficult to pick just 3 of them! but here is my sellection: mug and coaster sert, tea pot and tin of mallows
    deffo that! 😀
    Everything looks gorjuss!

  24. All are beautiful, but i love the media case and mini notebook, the mug and coaster set and the flask.

  25. I love the tea pot, Cup and coaster and 2012 diary If I really really had to choose xx

  26. I wish I could have a little note book..

  27. I want it all it is soooo gorjuss!!! Lol…but If I can only have 3 it will have to be the coaster and mug set to sip my lovely hot chocolate, coupled with the choccies and the diary to write down my thoughts!! So happy that Boots have taken this on and I bet they fly off the shelves!! x

  28. The notebook, the teapot and the memo block! LOVE them!

  29. wow suzanne 🙂 your doing so well, i knew it was only a matter of time from being with GILD  (rolls eyes) thru ami then being merchandised now boots!! fantastic and well deserved!!

    i really think i need a gorjuss cup and coaster to show off when my friends are round for coffee, and a diary since im hopeless at remembering dates x

  30. The two things I would really love to win would be the apron, Belgian chocolate sharing box (who doesn’t love chocolate, and Gorjuss art just makes it even sweeter!), and the little office essentials. 

  31. Since i dont have any Gorjus things yet Mouthie would love to win the Gorjuss tea pot, Gorjuss 2012 Dairy & the Gorjuss Flask,
    Happy Sunday Mr & Mrs G : )

  32. As I’m Belgian, I would love to get the belgian chocolates, also love the apron and mug. All the items are wonderful !

  33. OHHHH! These are perfect for gift giving! Or recieving and I see quite a few I would love to buy!! How awesome these are!

  34. They are all so Beautiful and Gorjuss! How bless you are to have such talent!

  35. I loves everything but my three would HAVE to be Teapot (mums bday) tin of mallows(me of course!) and finally Belgian choccies (to share!)

  36. I would love to win the little office essentials- for school, the apron-Mummy, and the flask- for the cold early mornings !!

  37. Defo the teapot, Belgian choccies and flask… How beautiful are they ? Wow any one would be very lucky to even win one of these lovely thinks !!!! Great competition!!!! Xx

  38. Can you buy these separately??