Website Difficulty

By on 1-11-2012 in Important Updates

Hi everyone,
A very stressed out Mr G here to report some issues with our websites… and are currently down and not operating…

Work is being done to resume service as soon as possible..

I will update when anything new occurs!!!

Thank you for your patience..

Best wishes


  1. Hi, just wondering if there is an update on the just gorjuss website?  Thanks very much.

  2. Seem to be ok now. 

  3. where is the gorjuss group??

  4. It’s been gone for over a week, Beachys. Still waiting to hear if Mr. G can get it back :

  5. It aparently was taking up too much resources on the host server and they disabled the hosting, I had to keep it offline until they get the specification of a server big enough to take it 🙂

    They have identified one and we are in the process of getting that sorted out, but they chose the suspend the account again… very frustrating and not very professional..

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