New Original ACEO’s !

By on 10-26-2007 in New Paintings

New ACEO’s today ! These are lovely little drawings.. there’s something really special about small things, they feel more.. er.. ‘personal’.. you can hold these little aceo’s in the palm of your hand, and that makes them extra special in my opinion.. yes, i collect ACEO’s too ! I keep all mine in a little album, and every now and again, it get’s shown to friends and family who visit.. and often is a GREAT conversation starter ( or to avoid those dreaded conversations, it really takes peoples attention ! LOL!) .. but I’ve seen people do all sorts of things with them, they are great and easy to frame, perfect for small homes ( or rooms !), or perfect for slipping into a card and sending thru the post to someone special.. the list is endless.. and so are the artists you can collect ! ( we’re all at it these days ! LOL!) .. anyway.. here they are, two original drawings:

Friends Grow Together

Today I Bought A Beret


You can find them both at my Etsy shop here: !

  • I happened across your work at etsy, and just love it! I’ll be coming back to see what you’re doing often! yay! 🙂