Crikey its Thursday

By on 7-24-2008 in Canvas Wraps, Gorjuss Products, Ramblings

Where has this week gone???

Well its nice to be back blogging again, I have been a busy busy bee…………. we have really made a lot of progress in our little secret project… soon to be announced…  I know you will like it..



  Yesterday Suzanne manage to have her “Splatter brush” pack as a daily deviant… this means it was on the front page of Deviantart and received an awful lot of attention… if you have not yet gotten hold of this brush pack visit.  Download your free copy at 

  We will soon be offering a PSP version….. as soon as I do it….. says Suzanne…


   I been busy making and delivering Canvas wraps, here are some piccies of the wraps shipping out this week..

 WOW its big

  “I love you little Rabbit” 16″ x 20″.  It is sooo stunning….


“Celtic Comfort” 8″ x 10″ sorry bout the photo…


“The Foxes” 8″ x 10″. the prize for last weeks giveaway… its lovely in this size, i think it would make an amazing 16″ x 20″.


   Another pict to show the chunkyness of these frames, Canvas wraps are sold ready to hang and prices start from $30 in Suzanne’s Etsy Shop…….


  Im running out of time for tonights blog, but ill be back tommorrow… keep well..



  1. Oh wow!!! Thank you so so much! I just know I am going to have to order more canvas wraps after hanging this one! They do look awesome!

  2. Wow, congrats Suzanne! That’s totally awesome about the deviantART. Also, absolutely gorgeous canvas wraps. 🙂

  3. Those Canvas Wraps are cool…I wish I would have waited! lol!

  4. Definitely look cool… I have to agree! Take your time, we’re all curious about the secret project though!

  5. Hi Suzanne and Grant..
    I really enjoy reading your blog- you are both the coolest !
    Wanted to say Congrats Suzanne for making front page of DA – Fantastic – You go girl !!!
    Hugs —–

  6. Very, very nice !

    Hop, in my favourites ^^