Sorry Miss I slept in…

By on 8-25-2008 in Canvas Wraps, Gorjuss Products, Ramblings

Please excuse the late blog, I actually fell asleep while watching/dreaming Andy Murray winning his first round match at the US Open…. I guess im more tired tonight than I thought..


Suzanne is actually a little better today, she was very ill with the pain and the pain killers over night, and having been unable to take any pain killers since, she seems to be slightly more comfortable.. She is sleeping at the moment which is amazing… I really hope she will be on the mend now… so cross your fingers for her. She is going mental about not sketching etc…


We have a few things in the pipeline, some of which are requiring some chasing before we can announce them, but some new companies have been in touch regarding using Suzanne’s work in promotions.  We are in talks with a few of them, and though it won’t bring anything new product wise, it may raise the profile of Suzanne’s work to another level.  Im hoping she can get back on her feet health wise to cross the t’s and dot the erm i’s……. lol.  I nearly got that wrong, that would have really upset maddy…. lol


I made three canvas wraps today 8″x10″ , and They shipped out before I took some photographs of them, which is frustrating… I had “The Getaway”, “The Last Rose” and “Daughters”…. I really wish I had gotten some pictures because they were simply stunning,  I also made an 8×10 canvas wrap for some friends visiting from Lancaster, they love the picture of “tiptoes” and It also turned out lovely.  I will get back into the habbit of getting snap happy… to share these beautiful creations with you but for now, I’l leave you with some random piccies!! lol..

AWWWWW He’s so cute!!!The Foxes

this is one of the 8×10 canvas wraps… they are sooo stunning.. I don’t think we’ve added these to Gorjussart as yet, Its definately on the -to do list, and we will put a nice discount on them for the first week of their availability.

They are currently available on Etsy ..

Well Im off to get some rest….

Good night everyone…



  1. Im so glad suzanne is feeling better, I will keep my fingers crossed that she is on the mend 🙂

    Catch u in tomorrow’s blog
    Gnight guys!!
    Take Care
    Tania x

  2. im happy that Suzanne is feeling a little bit better, i hope everything is ok soon for her.
    great about Suzanne’s professional growth, best wishes.



  3. Glad to hear Suzanne is feeling a bit better and was able to get some sleep. Thank you for the cat pic. He always makes me smile! Have a good one and take care!!!

  4. Good to hear Suzanne has gotten enough relief to sleep for awhile. Sounds like you all have some exciting things in the works. 🙂

  5. Thank goodness she’s able to get a break from the pain and get some sleep. Still praying for her healing and comfort.

    Your fur-baby is precious!

    And it looks like I’m going to have to add canvas wraps to my wish list. LOL

  6. Awww hope suzanne is now on the mend..keeping her in my thoughts and prayers..wishing you all the best with the talks and stuff 🙂

    lorna xx

  7. hope suzanne is on the mend and mr G you must have needed the sleep ! as they say in the nicu sleep heals so sleep sound and sleep well !!xxxx

  8. I had to re-read that, and I realise it said Sleep Sound…

    phew I began to worry…

  9. glad to hear suzanne is feelin a lil better today and love the canvas wraps to just gorjuss xxx

  10. ohhhhhhh errrrrrrrrrr mr G pmsl had to thing about that one for a mo !!! xxx

  11. mmm think about it even XD

  12. Glad to hear Suzanne is feeling a lil better, but not good that the pain meds where making her sick…..
    Love the cat pic, so cute..
    And Love the canvas wrap…..