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 Im back to give you the latest happenings in the Gorjuss world of Suzanne Woolcott,

Lets get stuck right in….


Do any of you remember this little item???


A little sketch book that we auctioned off to raise funds for “Love Without Boundaries” charity.

Well the winner of this book was Vikki Forry, and tonight we made the donation to sponsor a child..

Thank you Vikki your generosity will support this child for months to come, and Suzanne and I rounded your bid up to the nearest hundred.

Here is a link to the child we picked… she is called Kathryn- Jinjiang, Fujian.

Suzanne and I plan to run some more fund raisers to help this charity in the future… and thank you all for your generosity…


Well late last night we realised that Suzanne is struggling to paint at her normal chair, or lying down… so a visit to the shops and an investment in a new piece of kit has led her to finish her first painting since coming back from the op.

I have to say, any resemblence of this image to a nurse from her ward is purely coincidental…. no offence is meant.. *cough cough*…

Samhain Witch

It  is a gorjuss looking painting and perfect timing for Halloween, We hope that you will all let us know what you think about it, and obviously Suzanne is now starting to work on her next painting…

Its available to buy as a print through ETSY or GorjussArt.

Watch This Space..


Today I made some more lovely box canvas wraps, sadly I made the wrong one for the order… more work to be done tommorrow, I may put the mistake one up as a competition prize this weekend… what dya think… anyway here they are..

The Runaway 8″x10″ Canvas Wrap

This is my mistake. This one should be Hear No Evil, and just as I was packing Suzanne pointed out my error, its good to have her home…..

The Runaway 8?x10? Canvas Wrap

The Runaway 8?x10? Canvas Wrap From Below

I’m So Sorry For Your Loss 8″x10″ Canvas Wrap

I’m So Sorry For Your Lost 8?x10? Canvas Wrap

I’m So Sorry For Your Lost 8?x10? Canvas Wrap Front On

You can see the quality of the print for this canvas wrap and its stunning…. the chunky sides are just so crisp they are almost edible, and I spent a lot of the day chewing on them…. no seriously I didn’t….

The Runaway 20″x16″ Canvas Wrap

This wrap was made purely for Suzanne, she was desperate to see it in a large form, and with messing up the order, i had created the template for the big wrap already…. here it is..

The Runaway 20?x16? Canvas Wrap

The Runaway 20?x16? Canvas Wrap 2

Again a veiw from just below… you know you want one!!! We will be adding canvas wraps to the shop SOON, currently available to purchase from Etsy… choose your own canvas wraps.


Suzanne today confirmed her place at a special art event at The Lighthouse, Glasgow.  It is called “Made In The Shade”, and Suzanne and I are going to be there selling art prints, key chains, bookmarks, bottle openers and some canvas wraps…

Made In The Shade

We will have original sketches there, and I am toying with the idea of making Suzanne sketch on demand!! Shhhh don’t tell her yet, but I reckon for anyone turning up and muttering the secret magic phrase (to be revealed later), should be able to request a custom sketch for a reasonable fee… Oh and hopefully we will have our calendars there, we got a good deal and will share information with you once we get our samples!!


If you can name the game, you win Suzy kudos!!!

OOH Suzanne gave this creature LIFE!!!

You can see that Suzanne has really tried to give it stripey socks!!! To no avail…


Its got an EGG…. this is the cutest and most addictive game since Mario cart..

Since I got Suzanne back up and running yesterday she has enjoyed having a little fun time, and I can recommend this game to anyone who likes cutesy games….where you are disturbed by the underlying violence…. you should see this cute creature eat!!

Well thats the BLOG back, I intend to run a nice competition tommorrow night… so I look forward to seeing you all there..




  1. wow wow and wowwwwwwww guys so good to have you back 🙂

    suzanne hope you feelin better huni..hope the woolcott clan are doing good.And hopefully i will get to the lighthouse place with no probs this time 🙁

    been stalkin etsy and grojuss art for the new image to go on sale lol

    luv to all

    lorna xxx

  2. Is the game called Crzy Eggs?

  3. or should i say Crazy Eggs lol

  4. Grant do any of you play mario kart on the Wii? id love to whoop ya behind one day LOL

  5. We havent played it online yet, Im sure I can arrange a gorjuss tournament in the future!!

    That would be fun!

  6. Diego’s dinosaur adventure lol

  7. Jurrasic realm?

  8. i dont play alot of online games so im probably not even lookin in right place lol

  9. hidden relics?

  10. dragon stone?

  11. give in to tired lol

  12. It’s great that Suzanne likes SPORE so much, my teen son does, too. I have to admit I like the Creature Creator myself.:-)

    Glad she’s feeling better! 🙂

  13. Love the new painting, I think I had one of those when I ws in the hospital last year too, LOL. I am glad she is feeling better. 😀

  14. Love the new painting!!
    Spores is a really awesome and addictive game, isn’t it?
    Glad Suzanne is feeling better

  15. I love the new painting!! I think the canvas wraps are awesome too…especially the large one for Suzanne! 🙂 So glad that she is doing better…prayers for continued improvement!

  16. The new witch painting is Gorjuss.. and I think EVERY hospital has one lol!! 🙂

  17. Great to hear things are starting to get back to normal for the both of you. The new painting perfect! Be well.

  18. a gorjuss little witch XD horray been waiting for one of these since i spotted the one on the commission bit of the site XD

  19. Suzanne I am happy that you are feeling better. The new painting is girjuss!

  20. I mean to say Gorjuss! lol

  21. Beautiful painting Suzanne! Not sure on the game though….haven’t got a WII, although my 7 year old wants one for Christmas! Might invest in one, if I can swing it!

    Heidi x

  22. Hi you two !! G’Morning everyone… What a nice blog entry- just jam packed with good news. Fantastic ! I love that little witch – ahha. Adorable ! I have to agree- I saw some of those during my hospital stays as well. As Sheila said up there a bit – she thinks every hospital has one- thats a definite truth. *snickers*. My boys are past the age for playing the type of game there that is mentioned but I think it sounds cute. Im sure it is going to go over well. I hope your both getting enough rest. Big hugs to everyone. TammyJo

  23. I love the new painting! There are witches in hospitals for sure! Those canvas wraps are lovely as well. I’m glad to hear that Suzanne is doing so much better!

  24. So I’m peeking in before the grandparents get here. And sadly, I’m anxious for them to go so that I can hopefully catch any contests this weekend. XD Terrible, I know. I’m a terrible, daughter-in-law. 🙁 I’m addicted to Gorjuss! I cannot help it! I hope that everyone is having a pleasant moment. Gentle hugs all around, I hope to be able to pop in again soon tonight.

  25. I love the new painting.

    Love Linda

  26. The painting is adorable!! Hoping for it to be tubed 🙂
    Hope you keep getting better Suzanne!!

  27. I was so pleased to have won the sketchbook :)It is adorable! The money has gone to a very worthwhile charity.Thank you both for sponsoring Kathyrn.

    Love the new witch girl!

    Hope you are taking it easy Suzanne 🙂

  28. OMG I’m loving the witch!
    Hope your feeling better suzanne and looks like your hubby defo needs you even if it is just to keep an eye on him lol 🙂
    I just recently stumbled unpon your blog and I’m loving it.

  29. It’s Spore! 🙂 We just got this game too and I’ve barely gotten into it. I’m in creature mode and all my neighbors want to beat me up. lol The first world I created everyone was nice. Ah well. It’s not like I can’t start another one.

    I love that new witch Suzanne has painted. 🙂 Can’t wait to see it in a tube package. 😀 **wink wink** 🙂