I am here……..and the Winner IS…………………..

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I humbly appologise for my recent absence from the blog, I was out.  (Seriously)… I had some major PC repairs to carry out that kept me away until late pm one night and I also went with my family to see John Edwards do his thang… It was quite impressive really, even for a skeptic like me. Both days were full with appointments with physio and chiro and gardener to deal with a tree, and a builder to (not) fix the damp problem we’ve been having for 2 years now ….eek dont get me started on that one.. i’ll rant for HOURS!!!! heheheh

Tell you what though, its hard to beleive what people going to the show hid in their handbags, for validation purposes I may add… hundreds of little bits of silverware.  It was a nice night out, with my mother and sister… and Suzy watched the flock at home… she was not confident enough to risk going…


What 8 Paintings make up this picture?

Well firstly let me reveal what the correct answer was, also I shall be giving them in order, starting right at the back and working my way forward…

Samhain Witch
under the weather
speak no evil
see no evil
hear no evil
So we did have a few entries with the correct answer and the gorjuss draw pulled out Tracey as the winner of Fridays prize, the runaway 8″x10″ canvas wrap. It will be hotfooting it to you as soon as possible.

The Runaway 8?x10? Canvas Wrap From Below

Congratulations Tracey we really hope you love it….


Another completed painting by Suzanne and a third close to completion, she is trying to get back into a full swing.. its proving troublesome at the moment with any sustained activity leaving her drained and sleepy… I did tell her not to play spore!  Anyway here it is……

In The Papers

Its a simple little sketch that has come out quite beautiful, there is a huge queue of sketches waiting to be painted up, Suzanne is getting slowly on with it, and we hope to have a Stunning new pack out for next weekend at the latest..

This may change due to Suzanne’s health..

Well thats all for tonight..

Take care all..



  1. Omg thank you so so much. Seriously improved my week from hell so thank you 🙂

    Gorgeous painting!!!
    I hope you both are well 🙂

  2. another beautiful one and of course you know that we are all very loyal and patient. Let’s see …..I am seeing a a a something gorjuss ….do you have anything gorjuss in your life ? …lol

  3. congratulations Tracey!! hope you have a better week.
    Suzanne and Grant, very good you were having a little of free time, so much work is never good.
    the new painting is pretty beautiful
    kisses 🙂

  4. Congrats Tracey! John Edwards huh? I hear it is almost impossible to get in to his audience. Hope all is good in Gorjuss’land!!!!

  5. Congrats Tracey! It was a very hard but fun competition.

    Hope Suzanne health keeps on improving. Slowly but surely.

    Hugs to all xxx

  6. Congratulations, Tracey!

    Well, we knew you were all busy. And we are all just anxious.

    Gentle hugs all around… 🙂

  7. Congratulations Tracey! I missed the competition (my bad!) but I don’t think I’d have gotten all the names down!

    I’d love to see John Edwards sometime, Mr G. I say I’m an open minded skeptic….

    And, Suzanne, hoping that your recovery is going well and maybe you’ll have a showing in my neck of the woods some day?


  8. Wow- the witch ! I think that one did not come to mind as my mind was focusing on tubes not prints and tubes lol. Congrats Tracey!!
    Sounds like things are still pretty busy for you both- hope you enjoyed your time out and Suzanne , you are a smart lady for not risking taking too large of a step too soon regarding your health and John Edwards. You don’t want to land back at square one . I, myself, have to lay down several times a day in order to get much accomplished and it doesn’t really make sense as its hard to accomplish anything laying down…but it does help the body function better after those little bouts of rest so grab as many as possible , rest is a huge part of healing.
    Hugs to you both and you remain in my prayers. TammyJo 🙂

  9. Congrats Tracey!
    Love the new painting, it looks amazing! I’m glad to hear that you are all well.

  10. Another Gorjuss painting!

    Love Linda

  11. congratulations Tracey!
    Suzanne – good to know you are slowly but surely improving in health and WOW what a beauty this painting is! she is stunning 🙂
    “simple little sketch” pffftttt Mr G!
    ohhhh to be able to sketch anything that even resembles something else except a stick figure on speed lol
    as Tammy said Suzanne – rest is a huge part of healing and flat on the floor used to work wonders for me – altho getting back up always seemed a little scarey! take care 🙂