The End Of The Week

By on 10-26-2008 in Canvas Wraps, Gorjuss Products, New Release, Sig Tag Stuff

Well thank you all for reading,

Today we have a fantastic catch up with our new products and some shop additions.


il_155×12542558903.jpg il_155×12542559134.jpg il_155×12542559325.jpg

il_155×12542559488.jpg il_155×12542559643.jpg il_155×12542559832.jpg

So a nice little pile of new bookmarks…. we launched these for the Made in the Shade fair and obviously can now add them to the shop, Bookmarks are available to buy from ETSY and GorjussArt, we will be adding the new book marks in to GorjussArt this evening.


The Runaway 8?x10? Canvas Wrap

We are adding canvas box wraps to the Gorjuss Art shop, you can order 8×10 10×10 and 8×8 and 16×20 sizes of box wraps on selected paintings.

Simply find the canvas wrap options under the print size selections when you view the prints, tick the one you want and add it to your cart. There are restrictions and a higher postage cost for the 16″x20″, if you want to order more than one, it may work out better to contact us to calculate price for shipping.. I expect to complete adding canvas wrap options to all prints by next weekend.



Yes its coming and I’ve decided to set a release date for the new pack 26……….

WEDS 29th Ocotober 8pm UK time…

This pack is gorjuss and has more than just girls!!!! Thats just a little hint..


Progress has been very slow with trade ins, and some confusion has arisen over what the Trade in’s are for.

The Trade in is a way for GorjussArt to allow you to use your new License number on old tube purchased from other authorised re-sellers.  For example AMI.

Once you have proven your ownership to a license for a tube / tube pack we can then allow you to use your new license number for these packs/tubes.

The benefit is that you can then use old packs with the new packs without any problems with licenses.

This does not affect your rights under your previous license, you still have the right to use your old license.

If you are needing tube replacements, you can either come to us or go to your original provider, as long as you can prove tube ownership we are happy to replenish them for you.

Any change of terms of use with your old provider are irrelevant to tubes purchased from GorjussArt, we have our own terms of use that you should familiarise yourselves with and follow.

If you have any problems with tubes or concerns then please contact us directly… we are friendly and want to give you the best service we can.

More Updates when they happen!!



  1. Woohoo! Can’t wait for Wednesday! Been saving those pennies! Thanks for the update on the licenses. The bookmarks and canvas look fabulous… so tempting…

    Gentle hugs all around… Hope you’re all able to get some rest while you’ve been so busy.

  2. I read laughed and went to bed this is my last stop most nights before heading in. Can’t wait for the new pack woohoo. Fabulous bookmarks. Thank you for being the blessings on my good nights sleep
    good night

  3. Dear Suzanne Woolcoot or Grant
    My group is moving over to: Forum at:
    It is now name as:
    Gorjuss Girls Group

    I wanted to know if you can change the link on your blog board at Gorjuss Groups as: and what ever other place you may have me locate at :>)

    Gorjuss Girl PSP & Graphics will be CLOSED soon

    Hugs Pauline XD

  4. A new pack! Can’t wait to see what you’ve created this time, Suzanne.

  5. i had a sneaky peek at a couple of new tubes……….heehee
    mums the word though !!

  6. Ooh, can’t wait. Not just girls huh? Very exciting stuff and cute bookmarks!

  7. Cant wait till me something to look forward too 🙂

    hope the woolcott family are doing ok


    Lorna xxx

  8. I was gifted a gift cert. so you know I will be ordering the new pack as soon as I can. 🙂

  9. think i’ll hold the other halfs debit card for ransom lol XD

  10. Hi Susan and Mr G, gorjuss am a fan ever since. I can not wait to see the new tubes! I am happy, I have a blog where I use scraps of his art, because it is my inspiration, if you want you can visit will be an honor for me. God bless your hands. XD