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Its very icy,

Today the Suzette’s skated to school, not by choice I might add… this is Suzy’s least favourite time of year..

Technical Difficulties

I was forced to giving Suzanne an early Christmas present this week as her Tablet gave up the ghost… halfway through the final images for the new pack, so our planned release date of Friday is looking a little ambitious… Its due to arrive tomorrow the nice sparkly shiney new one, and I hope it has the same feel as the previous or Im in for a hard time…

She is SOO excited about it…. so I realy want it to be perfect… coz I aint got anything else for her….

Canvas Wraps.

I had noticed that Canvas wraps 16×20 inches were a little pricy thanks to the Dollar vs the pound, I have brought the price for these down to $80 with the sale price of 10% off on that price.  Shipping to the US is $50 and you are limited to buying 1 at a time.  For the Uk I have a maximum of 3 ….. it stops you buying too many to ship. The Reason for the high postage on these items, it that they have to be couriered and the price for getting it to the US and Aus is near 30gbp due to the size of the packaging. That said, they arrive within 4 days.  If you want more than 1 of these sent to you, please just ask in advance and we can quote you for them.

All prints are available to buy as canvas wraps, just browse to them in the gorjuss art shop and select the size of the canvas wrap you want. Then follow the normal checkout procedure..

Christmas Postal Times.

Now we quote 28 days for delivery as the maximum time we beleive it takes for a package to arrive anywhere, after this time we have it legally declared dead. A small service is carried out and a newly made replacement package or refund is offered.  Most of our packages arrive within 14 days to the world… outside Europe.. so there is still time to get your packages out in time for Christmas…

The Royal Mail deadlines are as follows…

UK – 20th December
EUROPE – 12th December
USA – 10th December
AUS – 5th December

If you order from us after these dates, then there is little chance of you getting the package in time… if you desperately need something we can arrange couriers, but the expense can be quite high.

We want you all to get what you want for Christmas so please if you have a special requirement mail us

Well thats all for tonight, I must get back to making things for the Art Fair this weekend in Glasgow at the Lighthouse. 10am – 5pm Made in The Shade… we may have mentioned this..

If you are coming please do pop by and say hello… we’d love to meet you.

Best wishes



  1. Awe, I hope the new Tablet arrives tomorrow…
    Eck, I don’t like the cold either, so I know how Suzanne feels… Tell them kids not to get trying any back flips on those skates…. 😀

  2. I dislike the cold as well. I grew up in Florida and am still trying to get used to the cold in Virginia, even though I’ve lived here for decades now, lol!

    Stay warm and safe, Woolcott family!

  3. its been -5 here over nite.. and thats really cold..i too hate cold.. but good thing i got extra heavy blankies to keep me and Dboy warm..
    talk to ya soon..
    Mouthie XD

  4. It’s been pretty chilly here in Kentucky. We have some snow coming tomorrow. I don’t think it is suppose to amount to anything.

  5. well i live on top of a big hill in the yorkshire dales area( emerdale farm land for them in the know )lol and its flipping freezing here ! and i know its always a darn sight colder in the woolcott part of the world ! so get extra stripy sox on and extra stripy knickers and extra stripy gloves ……………………. and on and on lol and wrap up warm guys ! and good luck with the move xx