Phew !

By on 12-07-2008 in Canvas Wraps, Exhibitions & Events, Gorjuss Products, New Release, Originals, Sig Tag Stuff

Phew ! What a weekend !!  But… we’re glad you are all enjoying the NEW PACK RELEASE !

gorjuss pack 29

And we had a great time at Made In The Shade ( @ The Lighthouse), we took one of our little gorjuss helpers with us, as Suzanne is a bit useless when it comes to carrying stuff still ( silly old Back!) he (gorjuss helper)  took this little photo for us..  here’s Me and Suzanne at our stall selling all things gorjuss !We’ve only got a few calendars left, we’re just counting them right now and we’ll be listing an exact amount we have left.. I think this will be our last of them too ( no more calendars til next year! )

gorjuss ART @ Made in the Shade III

Big thank you to everyone who turned up to meet and greet us, we’re always suprised by how well known our little girls are getting, and it’s always nice to put a face to a name too – thanks guys !


  1. Glad you had a good time at Made In The Shade. Have a great week!!! Sandy

  2. is great to know you were successful at made in the shade 3 again, i would love to go but… an ocean of distance dont let me.
    well some day…
    the new pack is fabulous and i love the twilight girl!!! and the bear girls… well wveryone jajaja
    great job as allways
    have a nice week

  3. I’ve known what Suzanne looks like, for the longest time, but Mr G has always been a bit of a mystery…even an enigma! But now we can see the happy couple behind the empire! YAY! Glad that Made in the Shade has gone well; when are you coming a bit further south, like, to Nottingham? LOL

    Heidi xxx 🙂

  4. 🙂

  5. i just looooove your artwork!! im a huge fan of your etsy store too and my mom&bro think i look like your drawings lol

  6. I LOVE your work. I hope to own some someday. I just have to narrow it down from my fav 100! I had the calender in my favorites and poof! it was gone and no more till next year. : ( Now I know next year to buy one ASAP! LOL